July 3rd 15: CRO's Third Number 1

We have a new #1. The teasing single to German rapper CRO's unplugged album shots straight to the Top after its release. It is the third number 1 for the rapper as a solo artist. Almost exactly two years ago he achieved the top for the first time with his Whatever, a year ago it was Traum that had a four weeks run at the top. And now the song is called Bye Bye.

Three #1 hits within two years make the artist the most successful recording act of the moment. Only Rihanna and Pharrell Williams were loved similarly in current decade. Although CRO added a fourth number 1 song to his account as part of the German Band Aid project end of 2014.

Also #2 is a completely new release. Belgian Lost Frequencies offer a new single called Reality following up the #1 hit Are You With Me .
Having both #1 and #2 occupied by new releases is not that rare as one might think. Last time we had that feat was back in Mai 2011. On 20th that month Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels the two last finalists of the DSDS season landed their version on Call My Name at the two highest ranks of the charts.

As I always have an eye on special issues today I can tell the story about Nigerian musicians with chart success in Germany. Most of them like Sade, Dr. Alban, Ade Bantu or Nneka are living in Europe or even Germany. So does Tony Tuklan who alongside Rico Bernasconi enters the charts at #41. Originally the raggaton song with vocals by Sean Paul was released in 2012. Now the German DJ Rico Bernasconi added some vocals by A-Class and make the song a pure club hit. It makes the song the most successful with Nigerian support since 2001 when the Brothers Keepers (with members Adé Bantu & Don Abi) hit Top5 with Adriano (Letzte Warnung).

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