32-12: Dance Compilation Sound And More TV Hits

After two very lazy summer weeks the market starts changing again. But not on the very top. LYKKE LI still holds firm at number 1. I Follow Rivers is the fifth consecutive week the most sold track in Germany. Also number 2, 3 and 4 are completely static. The first mover lands at number 7 in the face of r.i.o. Feat. U-Jean. Summer Jam originally was a hit in 2000 for The Underdog Proect reaching number 3 in Germany. Since than it was remixed by the project itself or friends of the project for several times. Most popular became the version in 2003 (versus The Sunclub) that made it to Number 1 in Belgium and the Netherlands and Top 5 in Denmark and France. The current version is so far the first real cover (I do not count the version recorded by Die Schlümpfe –The dwarfs – as a real version).

2012 version and original

The strong appearance of new dance tunes comes along with the release of the KONTOR Summer Jam compilation which can enter Number 4 of the compilation list. It includes a trio called the Italo Brothers. The three bys in fact come from North Germany but obviously want to connect with the dolce vita in South Europe. Their song My Life Is A Party tells that story. It is the 28th cover version of O-Zone’s big summer hit Dragostea Di Tei from 2003 (if one follows the list on coverinfo.de). And it is like the r.i.o. hit nothing more (or less) than a party song using a well known tune.

(sorry for not connecting with the original – you all know it)

Also Dutch Mischa Daniels profits from the release of the KONTOR compilation. The single That Girl enters at number 95 in the singles list. Partner here is once again U-JEAN.

The next big impact on the music market is the huge sports event filling all channels and papers. Surpringly Taio Cruz’s World In Our Hands misses narrowly the Top 10. After its full release on CD the song lands at number 11. Probably it can break the glass ceiling in next week’s time. The song is highly featured as the signature tune for the ZDF coverage of the Olympics. And also Florence + the Machine can launch a small hit with Spectrum after its use for the same reason. Beyond any explanation the label does not schedule Spectrum as a standalone single release although the song became an impressive Number 1 hit in Britain. Once again decisions of music managers at big labels seem far away from the real demand of the public.

More TV stories? Rising after continuous use on TV Rayos de sol by Jose de Rico & Henry Mendez jumps 80–37 in its second chart week.

And: Teenager don’t care ‘bout sport. They love to watch stars like Miley Cyrus. On Sunday 29th of July TV channel Pro7 premiered The Last Song (German title: Mit dir an meiner Seite) on free TV. The movie got 17,3% or 2,2 million watchers–almost as much as the Olympics got on public TV. Right after airing of the movie the signature song When I Look At You found a lot of purchasers making the track entering at number 85 in the current list. Although the single was available in 2010 already it never charted before. So this is the eighth chart hit for Miley Cyrus.

Back to a real gainer: Italian band Frei.Wild enjoys raising popularity in Germany. Latest single Feinde Deiner Feinde (Enemy Of Your Enemies) comes in at number 19 which is the highest debut for the band so far. It is again a song playing with national pride and martial lyrics. The German youth obviously doesn’t have any problem with this–conservative and national values are becoming popular more and more. Tot und doch am Leben (Dead But Alive) is the second song on the CD–on download sales it can reach number 79.

Released on CD Swedish Jonas Myrin can launch its Day Of The Battle at number 65. So far a good start for the newcomer.

An upcoming hit is Olly Murs’ new single Oh My Goodness. It can enter the list two weeks before its release on CD. The song follows in the footsteps of Nr. 1 hit Heart Skips A Beat.

Finally MC Fitti is fancy of Miami Vice. Or he had watched to much of that series. However 30° Grad is a parody to the 80ies and a lot of people love that. So the song enters at number 99. An I personally hope this won’t become a big hit.

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