24-12: Speed Up The Charts For The Soccer EM

A second week for Eurovision winner Loreen at Number 1 position and an almost completely static Top 10 – that’s the situation this week. But we do have 16 new entries inside the Top 100 which means the summer turnover started two weeks ago continues lower down the list. By the way: It is the week with most new entries in 2012 and 2011 at all. The last time we had 16 or more new entries is exactly two years ago. That's impressive. Could it mean that a very slow chart phase comes to an end? A reason could be the renewed chart rules ... read about it further down this text.

Let’s start our litlle flight through interesting moves and entries at the Top: The only one significant mover in the upper regions is Burn It Down by Linkin Park which jumps after full release as CD single and launch of a video 20–10. After nearly 3 years the band is back inside the German Top 10. More and more Austria and Germany establish as the market where the band is most succesfull worldwide.

The effect of having a video available is seen twice in this current list. Also Coldplay & Rihanna take a leap with Princess Of Cgina after the video is online (and on TV) since 4th of June. In its sixth chart week the single reaches the upper half for the very first time.

An European summer hit starts at number 11 as the highest new entry in the list this week. Tacatà by Italian TACABRO already is Top 10 in Denmark, France, Switzerland, Finland and Belgium. Now it starts in Germany also.

One of the big fire makers in the list is approaching EURO 2012. With the start of the event also the official anthem of this year’s championship Endless Summer by German singer Oceana catches fire. The single jumps 38–13 in its fourth chart week. In Poland the track already holds number 1. It is more than possible that we see the song climbing to the top in Germany as well in a few days. The matches are highly anticipated from the beginning of the tournament.

Public TV channel ZDF had chose another song for surrounding its reports and matches broadcasting meanwhile. Ukrainian band Los Colorados became popular by covering famous pop songs in polka style. For advertising the EM the band (or the chanel) took the song I Like To Move It by Reel 2 Real from the year 1994. It is the fifth time for the song that a version can reach the charts. Last time we heard it one year ago when Markus Becker offered his German cover which had a one week run on the survey. I guess the new version will have a slightly longer life.

And also the national football association DFB is offering an own fan song for the EM. It is Für nichts auf dieser Welt (For Nothing On This World) by Roger Cicero which can right after release on CD enter the list. So far Mr. Cicero only had once a really hit in the singles list. It was his Eurovision attempt in 2007 Frauen regiern die Welt that reached number 7.

When we speak right now about soccer and match anthems: Do you remember the big soccer hymn of the year? Nooossaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego! is still in the charts. But we do have already a succeeder with Balada (Tchê tcherere tchê tchê) which is offered by Brazilian Gusttavo Lima. In Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and France the single already reached the Top of thecharts. Now it is sold in Germany also. The song so far is available as download only–physical sales will count from next week’s chart on. And Brazilian star Neymar also provided a new dance ...

Let's have a look what comes new from German acts. Singer CHIMA has the honour of being the German newcomer of the week. With Morgen (Tomorrow) he is listed for the first time as an solo artist inside the charts. As member of Brothers Keepers he already know what it means of having a chart hit. In 2001 the project reached number 5 with its hit Adriano. The new single is about planning a new beginning, a change of life–but tomorrow. So it is probably both: optimistic and tragic.

Ole ohne Kohle (Ole without bucks) is the next newcomer. He is known as actor of the soap Berlin Tag und Nacht (Berlin Night And Day). His first single Ich bin kein Model und kein Superstar (I’m not a model or a superstar) is a typical Mallorca sound denying the celebrated life style on casting TV shows.

There are a few hits coming from Israel in the history of the German charts. These days it is Asaf Avidan who gets a little more attention. His folk song Reckoning Song was remixed by a Berlin DJ called Wankelmut. The remix became very popular on soundcloud under the name One Day. Finally this mix is available as digital single provided by Four music. As artists appear Asaf Avidan and DJ Wankelmut both.

The original recording by Asaf Avidan

Alongside with the album Karton the single Auf dem Weg (On the way) by German singer Mark Forster enters the sales charts again with a new peak at number 71.

Finally we should add a category called Casting stars updated. Do you remember Popstars season 2008? No. Of course not. Well–winner were four ladies who were put together in a girl group called Queensberry. Already the first single No Smoke / I Can’t Stop Feeling failed dramatically. In 2009 the girls had two Top 10 hits followed by a lot of trouble inside the group. Two ladies left, two new came in, the deal with the label UNIVERSAL was cancelled at the end of last years and earlier this year Selina Herrero left the band … now they are three and start a new chapter. Chapter 3 as their album is called. The first single Timeless is in shelves now. It can reach the German sales charts. That’s good news. It lands at number 90. That’s deflating for some ex-popstars. The song itself sounds very plastic and non-emotional. Probably chapter 3 is over soon.

A movie is causing a further chart entry in Germany. With the screening of Snow White & The Huntsman in German theatres also the title track can enter the sales charts. Florence + the Machin were inspired by the movie’s characters and recorded Breath Of Life. Although the movie was successful in English speaking countries as well the song couldn’t chart there at all.

From June the 1st on there is a change in the way the German charts are compiled. Now all songs available digitally or on CD are automatically eligible for the list. Before June tracks had to be registered for becoming chart eligible. The full rules are here.

This tiny policy already had influence on the charts. Last year Eurovision stars JEDWARD were everywhere the most sold act in download shops for a full week–but did not appear on the “official” sales charts by media control due to the fact that the label UNIVERSAL did not register their song Lipstick for being chart eligible.

The first artist/track that benefits from the change is German rap superstar CRO. His song Hi Kids already is a hit on platforms like youtube for months. It did not appear in the list cause t was not ment to be a single. Now the track enters the list as it is automatically chart eligible at number 72. Considering the time the track is already available and that it was given for free in autumn last year this rank must be seen as a very high new entry.

Second beneficiary of the new chart rules are KiD CuDi Feat. MGMT & Ratatat with their track Pursuit Of Happiness which is available as a download track since April this year. The track became popular mostly due to a remix version by Steve Aoki. As different versions and remixes are summed up to a single rank in the charts position 85 reflects both the sales of the original and the remix.

Somehow also Swedish AVICII might thank the new policy. His track Silhouettes finally can make it into the list. But the full promotion in Germany did not yet start. Let’s wait till the full video is released officially.

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