22-12: KONTOR sound starts the summer

What a week: 14 new entries – that’s what we've had only once this current year. Now that feat comes with a lot of new releases especially from the dance floor section. Let’s call it the industries effort for starting the summer business. Let's have a look what's going on.

The number one is still occupied by Die Toten Hosen. It is the second week vor Tage wie diese (Days Like These). The biggest impact comes from US rapper Flo Rida who sees his Whistle flying to number 2 a week before the full CD is released. (Further down the list he enters the charts for second time this week as featured artist.)

The first real story (real in the meaning of explicit Germany connected) can be found at number 9. The past two issues of the charts there was a strong influence of soccer detectable. And also this week presents its soccer hit. The sales span covered by the current list starts 18th of May and ends on 24th. On 19th there was the final of the UEFA cup confronting FC Bayern München with FC Chelsea. The match was highly anticipated in German media. The music used during breaks was I Follow Rivers recorded by Swedish Lykke Li. The singer is kind of an independent star in Germany for about three years. The end of 2011 she had commercial success in Belgium, the Netherlands and France storming the Top of the charts with I Follow Rivers. Now the time has come for a bigger attention in Germany too. The single can enter the German list inside the Top 10. Probably she will pass the honour of being the most successful Swedish act next week to fresh Eurovision winner Loreen.

The hymn of Bayern München also makes a big leap inside the list and lands at number 46 although the team succumb on the penalty.

New sound coming from KONTOR starts this week. The label at this moment is the most successful dance label in Germany accounting for the big success of that style. It freshly released the compilation House Of House Vol. 15 including a whole bunch of new digital releases. Most commercially successful is German project r.i.o.. It offers the hit Party Shaker which lands inside the Top 10 by collecting everything one know from past summer hits. The rap part now comes from NICCO who so far only collaborated with Austrian Darius & Finlay. Party Shaker is the second Top 10 hit for r.i.o. after last years Turn This Club Around.

2010 was the year of Die Atzen. Three simultanous hits selling weeks and weeks. In 2011 it was a strange collaboration with NENA that kept the memories to Frauenarzt & Manny Marc alive, This year the Atzen duo releases the third album with its own style–it can make on the album list a number 16. The single taken from that collection calls Party (Ich will abgehn). I guess there is no change to the sound two years ago. Probably that’s the reason why it only can enter at number 45.

Also Swiss REMADY offers a new production. Single Ladies features known Zurich singer Manu-L and Swedish rapper J-Son. The new track starts as single download at number 50 which marks a new peak of REMADY.

Last one of the KONTOR sound: RJ Flo Rida & Qwote also can enter the charts as the only non European act of the label this week.

If you're interested in other sounds than European dancefloor you should test single number two off the album auch by die ärzte (The Doctors). It calls m+f. The letters stand for male and female and the song describes the most common rituals of how the sexes come together … a funny story at all. The single starts its chart life right after the first one left the list.

Significant rises
American Linkin Park finally has a full CD version of Burn It Down in the shelves. The track peaks in its fifth chart week at number 16 eclipsing the download only peak of four weeks ago.
Pitbull launches with Dance Again a third simultanous hit inside the Top 20. Back In Time still rises up to number 5 this week meanwhile There She Goes by Taio Cruz slightly slides to number 8. The new collaboration with JLO can enter the list at number 19. Pitbull now is the artist having most tracks inside the Top 100 in 2012–the books count 10. Last year he had nine tracks as lead or featured artist plus two tracks where he wasn’t listed but performed.
Supported by the use as background sound for a commercial Santigold can celebrate her first chart hit in Germany. Disparate Youth starts at number 26.

After full CD release in Germany Forever by Danish MEDINA takes a 89–38 leap. So far it is the third best rank MEDINA could reach in her two years long career.
One might think that tunes once very successful die in peace and never come back. This isn’t true at all as very well known Infinity shows these days. A big hit in 1990 by Guru Josh it came back in a reworked version four years ago. That version spend another 64 weeks inside the charts peaking at number 4. Now the tune was chosen as the background for MAGNUM icecream (at least in German speaking countries) including the release of new remixes by acts like DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark, Robby Rivera, Loverush and PunX. The new mixes immediatly start inside the chart at number 48.

New German sounds
Irish Rea Garvey can be count as a German act due to the fact he lives in Germany and is very active on German TV. In autumn last year he was part of the jury for The Voice of Germany. Now he offers a new solo single with Heart Of An Enemy. It can’t continue the success of Can’t Stand The Silence and Colour Me In.

Die Hölle morgen früh (The hell tomorrow morning) by Helene Fischer finally is available on CD. As most of the fans of her are rather conservative the release causes a re-entry of the song with a new peak. Although rank 72 looks shabby at the first sight it is for the first time that Helene Fischer can launch two single hits from an album inside the sales charts. So probably this is the point where the singer turns into a maker of single hits.

More Schlager can be found new at number 96. It is Franziska who returns after three and a half years back into the sales charts. Meanwhile she released an album which also reached the charts. Heute weiß ich erst, dass ich dich liebe (Not Until Today I Know That I Love You) is her third singles chart hit and also the worst performing so far.

A German newcomer is Mark Forster. As far as the story is told he makes music as background musician for several years. Now he offers his first solo material and it needs only a little to make him the new Tim Bendzko. Auf dem Weg (On The Way) is a story about making things in life one doesn’t really want. But it is not only about lost chances, it is more about being conscious of that situation and enjoying it.

And finally back to party. Party is the topic for the VIVA’s serial Party, Bruder!. The title track comes from US based Breathe Carolina. Blackout could be a European production at all. By this it is quite strange that the track needed a full year to arrive on these shores. Blame on their label SONY that hadn’t enough balls releasing the single earlier.

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