06-12: TVoG still spills the charts

Michel Teló stands as the number one star with his anthem Nooosssaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego! for a second week.

The big impacts once again are brought by The Voice of Germany. Two weeks before the final the power of the show is still unbeaten.

Bouncing back into the Top 10 and reaching a new peak at number 6 Troublemaker by Taio Cruz benefits heavily from his appearance on the show on January 27th. He opened the Live Show number 5 with all twelve contestants that were in the race back than.

Coach and juror Rea Garvey launched his new single two weeks before the final and of course he was performing the song Colour Me In on the show too. As a result the single flies to number 12–the highest rank Rea Garvey could achieve as an solo-artist ever. And the highest since his band Reamonn reached number 6 in 2008 with Through The Eyes Of A Child. Of course once he was (unofficially) credited for a number 1 hit when his voice appeared on a version of All Good Things (Come To An End) with Nelly Furtado that was available in Germany on the single CD as a bonus track.

Best performing candidate from the show was surprisingly Sharron Levy. The Israel native staged with the number 1 hit Somebody That I Used To Know turning it into an rock driven ballad that brings her a number 26. Maybe that’s the start of an career besides a big major deal.

All others from the show end further down. Kim Sanders–finally the runner’s up finalist–sets her second show entry as number 54. Empire State Of Mind (Part II) was a sleeping hit originally recorded by Alicia Keys. It reached number 35 back in 2010 and spent so far 48 weeks inside the charts. Of course that version is back in the list too. It comes in short of Kim Sanders’ take at number 58. Part I featuring JAY-Z & Alicia Keys together re-appears at 84.

Third at the end–third two weeks before the final contestant Michael Schulte seems to be one of the most constant participants on the show. He performed Video Games still at number 3 in the version of Lana Del Rey. His take can reach number 66 giving him a second chart entry.

Behnam Moghaddam was a big aspirant for the final until he performed Eleanor Rigby as an explosive rock piece which made coach Xavier Naidoo shooting him off the show. A lot of fans were shocked according to many sites and forums–commercially the take on the well known tune of The Beatles ranks at number 75–indeed a weak result for Behnam. The song itself had a hidden chart life in 1966. Officially the track was released in combination with Yellow Submarine as a double A side single in Germany too. The official charts list only Yellow Submarine although.

A very similar story can be told about Percival–the second big aspirant. He staged Beautiful on the show January 27th. The song made famous by Christina Aguilera reached number 4 in Germany in 2003. The version of Percival is much more a rough ballad. Coach Rea Garvey was not really convinced–neither was the audience. Beautiful stucks at number 77.

Best CD start without TV show support comes from Marlon Roudette. His Anti-Hero (Brave New World) was available before as digital single and now jumps 19–7 with physical sales counting.

German Deichkind is back. After the release of their last album Arbeit nervt (Work Sucks) producer Sebi Hackert died and there was a uncertainty about the further existence of the project. Fortunatly the guys decided to continue. Bück dich hoch (Stoop Up) is the pre-release from upcoming album Befehl von ganz unten (Order From Down Below) – it continues the story of Arbeit nervt forcefully. In my opinion it critisizes actual politics and financial crisis in a much smarter way than other pop products try to do. Starting its chart life at number 17 after released online the single is so far the second best performing of Deichkind and only the second to reach the Top 20. 12 years ago they managed to do so with their chart debut Bon Voyage.

Supported by the release of their twelfth album named simply Volume 12 The Disco Boys see their cover of Around The World rising to number 31.

Also the winner of Das Supertalent 2011 Leo Rojas offers an album. Spirit Of The Hawk storms the album list at number 2. Leading single Ele condor pasa (only available digitally) can enter the singles list at 82. The tune became popular in 1970 when Simon & Garfunkel added some lyrics and recorded that version. It entered the Number 1 in Germany for 7 weeks and ended as the most sold single of the year. The same year a few instrumental versions charted also–most known probably the one of Facio Santillan that reached number 9 in September 1970.

Last new entry is the new single of De Randfichten (The edge spruces). They try to get some attention in carneval season with Du kleine Fliege (You, little fly). It is a very simple song for drunken people who love singing stupid lyrics while drinking more … Number 96 is the result so far.

In The end let’s tell you about the strangest chart move of the week at last: Wiz Khalifa drops back 91–71 with his hit Black And Yellow for what reason ever. I can’t explain but I like it.

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