05-12: German Dark Pop, Hard Pop & Hip Hop

After two weeks at the runner’s up position football related Nooosssaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Brazilian Michel Teló can gain the chart crown. It took the track eight weeks to become the most sold single in Germany. It probably is connected with the start of the second half of the Bundesliga that had its first match on January 20th.
Michel Teló is the first artist from Brazilia to reach number 1 in Germany.

The list is speeding up. There are 15 new entries inside. That’s a feat las seen late November past year.

The highest new entry is a download only single. Finally a major company has the beef promoting two British super acts in Germany too. I’m talking ’bout Olly Murs feat. Rizzle Kicks and their hit Heart Skips A Beat. Both are big names in the UK – why did SONY wait so long marketing they to continental Europe? Anyway – Heart Skips A Beat seems to be the first huge hit for 2012. The proper CD release is scheduled for right now.

New in the Top 10 and finally becoming really stars The BossHoss harvest their media presence on the show The Voice of Germany. As coaches and part of the jury they presented actual single Don’t Gimme That on January 20th. As an effect the song jumps 18–8 and it is the very first single climbing that high. Of course The BossHoss grab the crown of being the best sold German act this week.

Following the appearance of German productions culcha candela just misses out the Top 10–their Wildes Ding (Wild Thing) lands at number 11 in its third chart week. – Still inside the Top 20 Udo Lindenberg feat. Clueso see their take on the song Cello as the third most sold German track. It is now the 12th chart week and certainly the duo will slide down continously next weeks.

The best new German track comes in at number 29. It is the new single of Eisblume (Frosting – in German language it is very poetic–literally translated: flower of ice). In 2009 the band had its breakthrough with Eisblumen that rose to number 3. After a three years break the band is back. The sound changed hardly. The first single Für immer (Forever) uses a well known melody–it is YIRUMA’s piano tune River Flows In You that reaches the German charts now for a third time. Taking in account the heavy advertising for the single on TV rank 29 is kind of disappointing. It matches the result of the third single release from predecessor album Unter dem Eis (Under The Ice). Probably the band has to re-invent itself a little more next time.

Eisbrecher (Icebreaker) is back with new single and album. Two years ago they made their singles charts’ premiere with Eiszeit (Ice Age) for a lonely week. The same titled album performed much better giving the band its first Top 10 position ever. Now a new album is scheduled and the single Verückt should work as an appetizer. It is New German Hardcore at its best–the video comments actual financial crisis. Number 43 in its first chart week might show several people’s agreement on Eisbrecher’s analysis of the society.

One of the most active German artists of the past years launches a second hit from the soundtrack of his recent movie Blutzbrüdaz. I’m talking ’bout SIDO. For recording of Hol doch die Polizei (Go For The Police) he collaborated with B-Tight. It is the 9th track this decade that could chart and sees SIDO somehow involved. It is also one of the weaker ones–in chart terms. Lyrically it is once again ’bout being criminal caused by social circumstances. Raising up as a poor kid means one can’t blame on you but you can have a lot of fun. As always SIDO tells the story as part of his own ghetto legend. So take it for fictional …

Sido actually is very visible in Austria leading there the TV casting Sido macht Band (Sido makes band). One of the coaches in the show is Austrian Nazar. His recent single Fallen (alongside Austrian RAF 3.0) reaches the list at the very end. It is number 96 now.

Back to upcoming German stars: Behnam Moghaddam won’t be The Voice of Germany. He was kicked out on January 27th at the end of the fifth live show. A week before that the audience voted him for staying in the show after performing the song Hurt which was a small hit in the version of Johnny Cash. Originally the song was written and recorded by Nine Inch Nails. Johnny Cash later made the song popular. In commercial terms it was only the second single of the country legend that could reach the German list. Number 82 in 2003–that it was. In September 2010 the recording re-appeared for a single week in the list after airing of a TV documentary on Johnny Cash. Leona Lewis recorded a version at the end of last year becoming a Top 10 hit in Britain and Ireland. Now the song also catches (commercial) fire in Germany. Behnam Moghaddam can launch his version at number 31 on digital sales. He is the second best performing candidate so far in chart terms–of course the picture will change in a few days completely. Johnny Cash benefits from the casting show post mortem also. His version of Hurts re-enters the list at number 68–it is the highest rank the recording ever achieved.

Also Percival was kicked off the show on January 27th–a very emotional statement followed in the yellow press. Well, the week before the American singer was one of the big favourites of the audience. His version on Seven Nation Army enters the list at number 45. The song itself had an delicate chart career. When it was first released as a single in 2003 it became a hit in Britain only–German youth radio and music TV loved the song too and it became a kind of independent hit but never reached the commercial charts. The track-–more precise the guitar riff–became popular by its use during football matches. Finally the song was used as team entry anthem at European Championship 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. Then finally the song charted in German speaking countries reaching number 3 in Switzerland and number 4 in Germany. It is the one and only charted hit for the White Stripes in Germany.

A real hot candidate for the win and actually qualified for the final singer Kim Sanders can enter the charts for the first time with an song performed in the show. Of course Kim Sanders is the most experienced candidate of the whole season having already five chart hits under her belt. Additionally she was the voice of dance project Culture Beat in 1998/99 when she achieved three more (uncredited) chart hits. Now she appears with the song Killing Me Softly With His Song that she performed on January 20th and is landing at position 57. It is so far the second highest rank a song can reach crediting her name.

For the first time Killing Me Softly With His Song entered the German charts in 1973 when Roberta Flack released a version on single. It became a huge hit in the version of The Fugees in 1996 when it held for nine weeks the number one spot. The version of Kim Sanders is the third that can enter the German charts.

Last of the actual candidates (and also kicked off at the semi final) who can launch a hit is Jasmin Graf. She sang Stark (Powerful) at the show. The original is well known through German project Ich + Ich that brought the song to number 2 in 2007. Now the tune has a short appearance at number 76 again.

A former casting contestant also is again in the list. Sebastian Wurth – fifth at last year’s DSDS can launch a second hit. With that feat he is commercially the third successful act of last year’s season. The really big career is still missing.

A short look at one new European track entering the list. INNA finally hits the German charts with her track Club Rocker. It is the remix version featuring Flo Rida which is available for a few weeks. As in her home country and in France the track so far can not continue the success she had with her predecessors.

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