Bundesvision Song Contest

We do have 13 new entries inside the recent media control list. That’s a in fact the second biggest turnover this year. Plus 5 re-entries which means 18 tracks not charted the week before.Do the charts speed up after a year long period of calmness? Well – six of the new entries are caused by just aired Bundesvision Song Contest ... will talk baout that later. First of all: a look at the very top.

Marlon Roudette stands the 7th week at the top and now matches the 7 weeks run of Alexandra Stan in July and August . New Age and Mr. Saxobeat both sharing the title longest running number 1 in 2011.

Sean Paul can rise up to Number 3 with Got 2 Luv U and equals the position of his so far biggest hit Get Busy back in 2003.

The highest new entry comes due to above mentioned Bundesvision Song ContestStefan Raab’s yearly celebrated TV event hardly copied from the Eurovision contest. This year’s winner Tim Bendzko can also gain the biggest commercial success. Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären (If Words Would Be My Language) is the title track of his album and a very romantic ballad. It is a track about the difficulties of naming feelings. In my opinion that is exactly the point from which this song suffers. Instead of finding surprising lyrics like predecessor Nur noch kurz die Welt retten the song uses well known elements of soul. Even a gospel choir sings softly in the background. – Well, a lot of people like the song. It won the contest – with the lowest result of points ever reached -– and it enters the sales charts at number 5.

Number 4 within the contest – second best sold track is Echt (Real) by duo Glasperlenspiel (Glass Bead Game). They were one of only a few real unknown acts and it’s given, that their sound is what people convinced. The single already entered the sales charts at a surprising number 13 three weeks ago. Than the track felt out of the top 20 and now jumps again 18 – 9.

Also new in the sales charts is number 7 of the contest Frida Gold with Unsere Liebe ist aus Gold (Our Love Is Made Out Of Gold). It is the third single of the band that can enter the German charts.

The second at the show Flo Mega can launch his song Zurück (Back) only at number 44 inside the chart due to it’s release as digital single only.

Kraftklub from Saxonia enter the list at 45 with Ich will nicht nach Berlin (I Don’t Wanna Go To Berlin). The contest saw them at number 5.

Jupiter Jones had a huge success with Still (Calm/Silent) – Immerfürimmer (Everforever) landed at number 6 at the contest -– the digital single’s sale give them a new entry at 59. Not at all a succeeder of their big hit.

Jennifer Rostock enter with Ich kann nicht mehr (I Can’t Anymore) at 60 – the band was number 8 at the contest.

Not only due to Bundesvision Song Contest the German chart is filled with German songs this week. We do have four German productions inside the Top 10 – three of them in German including two Bundesvision contestants.

Inside the Top 20 there are two further songs including new SEEED single Molotov / Wonderful Life that lands straight at number 12. It is the first release of the band in more than five years. Their last hit Ding (Thing) climbed to Number 5 in 2006. In between three members of the group started solo carreers. The most successfull was Peter Fox releasing three Top 10 hits and winning once the Bundesvision Song Contest.Boundzound and Dellé had some medium hits.

Now the big band is back. A new album is announced but not scheduled. The tracks Molotov and Wonderful Life were available as free downloads on the band’s homepage back in summer – although the freshly released EP now enters at number 12. I guess this can count as an evidence that free music doesn’t kill artists. Wonderful Life is a cover version of the 1987 hit from British Colin Vearncombe aka Black which raised to Number 2 in Germany.

All in all we do have 25 (!) German productions inside the charts 23of them are in German (plus two Austrian hits that are in German too). Media control reports that this is the highest rate since April this year. I guess nobody could say anymore that there is no interest in German languaged songs – it is to question whether this flashlight shows a more sustainable trend. Or is it really just the Bundesvision effect? Except the presented artists on TV only two can made it new to the charts:

New in this list is 23 – the first collaboration project of former rivals Bushido and Sido. The track So mach ich es is the first single from an upcoming album and is available as download only so far. A physical release will follow on 21st of October. The track tells the old story: Sido and Bushido are the latest combatants, the No.1 rappers and they need to tell this to the world. The video is very well equipped – it is more a gangster movie than a music clip. Probably MTV & Co will not air the video cause there are several scenes fitting the terminus explicit.

To watch the video you have to be logged in – sorry

The soundtrack of the video

Whether the track can rise much higher after it’s release on CD can be watched with tension. Both artists did not reach the Top 10 this year. It’s a shame for Germany’s most successful rappers .

A late Oktoberfest hit is Wenn die Wunderkerzen brennen (When The Sparklers Are Lighted On) offered by Schlager dinosaur Jürgen Drews. He started his career early in the 70s, than had a long long silent period until he came back in late 2009. Now he reigns as one of the most popular singer of the so called Mallorca scenery. Wenn die Wunderkerzen brennen immediately after its release ranks as the best selling track in this genre. Inside the German sales charts 2011 Jürgen Drews is the German artist with the longest time span of hits.

Finally the look which songs have a short comeback due to a performance at recent talent shows. Most loved track this week is Goodbye My Lover originally performed by James Blunt. 13 years old Lukas Mattioli sang the song at Das Supertalent on 1st October – the track re-enters at number 49.

Same show featured Okan Yasin an official Pitbull imitator. His performance propells the very first of the Cuban rap star I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) back in the list at number 76.

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