Three Strong German Starts: Rosenstolz, Lindenberg, Glasperlenspiel

German pop duo Rosenstolz (Rose’s Pride) is back. New single Wir sind am Leben (We Are Alive) advertises their 11th album scheduled for 23rd September. The last three albums went number 1 – the first single of the last one Gib mir Sonne (Give Me Sun) was the first nr.1 single for the band. Now the new lift starts almost similarly spectacular. Though the competition is hard right now. Marlon Roudette spends a 4th week at number 1 with New Age followed by MAROON 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera and Moves Like Jagger. So Rosenstolz lands at number 3. It is a little less than the first singles of both predecessors. Well – it means nothing so far.

Wir sind am Leben is the 25th charting single of the band and the 11th cracking the Top 10. Though it is only the third single reaching number 3 or higher. After 20 years in business Rosenstolz still is on the way of becoming a really big German band.

Wir sind am Leben is a lyrical pop song talking about the courage of being curious for the joy of life. One of the main questions is: you have to live your life now! It can be read as an autobiographical story . Singer Peter Plate suffered from a burnout breakdown in 2009 and had to pause for more than a year. For the 20th anniversary of the band he is back in great shape.

Second German new entry comes from an artist who in exactly one week celebrates an exactly 30year long chart career. It is Udo Lindenberg who started making music 1969. His first solo album dates back to 1971. Back in the 70s he was a star as well selling albums in large quantitites. He released four top 10 albums. His first single hit came late. In 1981 it was Wozu sind Kriege da (What for there are wars?) making him an artist releasing also hits.

In January this his musical Hinter dem Horizont (Behind The Horizon) was premiered. In June an MTV unplugged concert were recorded that is now scheduled to be released as a CD. Ein Herz kann man nicht reparieren (You Can’t Fix A Heart) is the leading track. Partner of Udo Lindenberg is well known Inga Humpe of 2raumwohnung. She appeared as a solo artist last 23 years ago. Both can gain with number 12 a huge success. Udo Lindenberg only twice rose higher, Inga Humpe never saw the Top 20 as a solo artist neither with 2raumwohnung. But as part ofDÖF she was noted at number 1 with Codo.

And a third German new entry inside the top 20 lands at number 13. Glasperlenspiel is a young band coming from the southwest of Germany. They are going to participate at Stefan Raab’s Bundesvision Song Contest on 29th September. Entering with Echt (Pure) at number 13 means they are favourites in the contest. Although the competition this year is very strong.

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