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The charts are going faster: six new entries inside the Top 20 – three of them coming from Germany . Plus new singles from Example, Snow Patrol and Rea Garvey. Latter one for sure is a German special feature cause the Irish singer is known here as leader of Reamonn who had several hits in the last years most known with Supergirl (2000) and Through The Eyes Of A Child (2008). As a solo star Rea Garvey recieved attention alongside with Jam & Spoon beginning of this century and with Paul van Dyk (end of 2007). Most common became his name for the duet with Nelly Furtado on their hit single All Good Things (Come To An End) which topped the German charts for 6 weeks at the end of 2006. He was mentioned in almost every hit list and in radio airplay although the original radio edit did not feature him at all. Neither did the official CD release. – Anyway, it made him really popular in German speaking countries.

Rea Garvey right now is back in mainstream focus as he will act as a voice coach at upcoming casting show The Voice Of Germany. A few weeks before the show starts his first solo album is in shelves: Can’t Stand The Silence from which the title song is lifted as a single and can enter number 17 in its first week on sale. It is the first real solo single that manages a chart position – so in some way one could call it a debut.

Leipzig DJ Steve Murano finally can hit the charts. He started producing around 2000 launching some club hits but never made it into airplay or real commercial success. One of his bigger hits was his take on Passion an electronic dance track from 1983 released by The Flirts what was a project of Bobby Orlando. The original single made it up to number 4 in Germany. The 2003 version only crept to number 76. It had a much more successfull run in Finland where it could gain number 20.

In 2011 people seem ready for another rework. Steve Murano took his 2003 version back on his table and edited a new Twenty Eleven version that is available since May this year. It took the track a long time to catch fire, now it enters the German sales charts for the first time at 81. The 2011 bundle includes a Rico Bernasconi-Mix also > find all mixes here

The Flirts (Maxi Version)

Version 2003

The new Twenty Eleven Mix

X Factor fever in Germany. Two girls (Sophie and Yvonne) calling themselves Itchy Feet sang Empire State Of Mind – a surprise for the three judges. The girls will be back at the show, Alicia Keys meanwhile did so in the German chart. Her version of the song enters at number 66 which is the 40th week inside the German list. The original recorded by JAY-Z + Alicia Keys is in the list at 97 in its 65th week.

Video is not available on this side – link will lead to X Factors video library

It is given, that next Bundesvision Song Contest will have even more impact than the X Factor season. Some of the contestants are already in the charts as they are Doreen and Thees Uhlmann. Joining the club now are Glasperlenspiel at 13 and BOSSE featuring Anna Loos at 75. The latter will perform for Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) although only
Axel Bosse is from there, exactly from Braunschweig. His duetting partner is known as actress and new lead singer of Silly having her home in Brandenburg. Even their song is queer in its best way as they sing about the triste Brandeburgian town Frankfurt Oder. Will they attract both the northern and the eastern audience by doing so?

Another TV-related group is JAMATAMI. The band is featured by teeny channel Toggo TV where the band appears with its diary-soap. The album made it up to number 38 in July – now a single was launched additionally. Ma-Ya-Hi is exactly what it sounds like. A cover of the O-Zone trash hit Dragostea Din Tea from 2004. Who actually needs another version of that track – I really don’t know … Ask music managers at RTLII!

A last anomaly: Irish singer enya re-enters the list with Only Time after 10th anniversary of 9/11. It was the track that was used as background for news about the terror attacks and became a huge commercial success standing six weeks at Number 1 in Germany alone. It became the signature song of the attacks and nobody really wonders that 10 years later the track can gain some new popularity.

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