Is There More Than French Dancefloor Sound?

Man of the week is David Guetta. Promoting his upcoming album Nothing But The Beat he drives all folks insane. Including his first digital promotianal single Titanium he has three tracks inside the German sales Top 20. I don’t have any statistics about such feats – but it is for sure not often seen inside the German list. – Having two tracks inside the recent Top 20 we find Pitbull, JLO and Lil Wayne. Sounds like a very boring list, isn’t it?

Back to French DJs which right now perform very well in Germany. Lucenzo entered Number 2 with Danza Kuduro and Martin Solveig is on the rise with a second hit Ready 2 Go which for the first time enters the upper half of the German charts. It took him 12 weeks to do so – reminds a lot of the chart run of first hit Hello.

German tracks & productions
Only slight changes between the most sold German tracks. Still leading the pack is Tim Bendzko and his Nur noch kurz die Welt retten sliding 2–3 in the all over list. Second most sold German track is Still by Jupiter Jones. The track now collects its 23rd week inside the charts and no sign of decreasing requests. Best new comer of last week Casper sees lower interest in his track So Perfekt that is tumbling 14–22.

Best new German track lands at position 28. It is Cassandra Steen and her Tanz (Dance). It is a very soulful and romantic singalong pop song about the good feeling of being in the mood for dancing and enjoying the lucky sides of life.

It is the second single from Cassandra’s album Mir so nah (So Close To Me), it is available only as digital download.

Selling probably a lot of copies less but having a full CD release in shops German band KLEE brings the new release willst du bei mir bleiben (Do you wanna stay with me) to position 29. It is a very romantic ballad very different to former releases. The new album Aus lauter Liebe (Out of sheer love) is scheduled for 26th of August and it seems they try to fit recent demand for romantic and almost acoustic love songs. Personally I liked the sound of theband a few years ago much more.

Further new Stuff on sale
The new background sound for trailers of music TV programme VIVA is available on CD. It is Jona Vark offered by Australian duo Gypsy & The Cat. The sound is very similar to famous Australian pop act Empire Of The Sun probably more focussed on the sound of their guitars. The track can sell enough amount to enter at position 27 – it is beside SIA the second Australian act this week new in the list.

Another TV show with a completely different audience : Die Alm (The Alp) broadcasted by private TV Pro7. In 2004 this trash event was premiered in summer time. A few V.I.P.s have to live in the mountains in a little cottage like 100 years ago. They are surveiled by cameras and every day they had to solve some problems or exercises. The audience can choose every episode who has to go. This combination of Big Brother and Dschungel-Camp wasn’t that succesfull as expected. But obviously the station lacks new entertaining concepts. So in 2011 a second season is scheduled starting right now on 20th of August. Two weeks ahead the title track is available on CD. The production team chose folcloristic band dorfrocker (Village Rockers) for performing it. Title is Auf der Alm (At The Alp) – and the single enters the German list at position 60. Probably it will rise further in a fortnight.

The trailer for the show:

Still a new comer band is Auletta. The boys make music since 2005 but found a broader audience first last year when they participated in Stefan Raab’s Bundesvision Song Contest where they stalled at number 14. The appearance in the show (and before on TV) made them charting for a single week with Sommerdiebe (Summer Thieves). Since than they offered another album earlier this year and now the next one: Make Love Work. The title track is available as a download single and can enter the German sales chart at position 80. Listening to the track I guess they will have a future in music business. The sound of the band is well made pop rock featuring catchy tunes highly infectious refrains and slightly romantic lyrics. All what German music buyers love and really in the steps of Jupiter Jones et al. All they need is a tiny commercial boost by their company. So keep fingers crossed EMI will do so.

Watching the video I am wondering why a lot of video clips right now using letters and words floating through the clip. Is that the actual state of the art?

New sound from Berlin offered by the British-Australian project Lovers Electric enters at position 89. Beating Like A Drum is the leading single of the Impossible Dreams album and I am quite impressed by the romantic pop rock … It is – by the way – the first time they appeared somewhere in the official sales charts. So Germany does becoming them.

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