French DJs at the very Top

Alexandra Stan now has the honour of being the act occupying the Number 1 spot for the longest time in 2011. This recent chart week Mr. Saxobeat holds a 7th week right at the top. It is the longest running Nr.1 track since we saw Over The Rainbow by Israel IZ Kamakawiwo’ole spending 12 week at the most sold single in Germany back in October to December last year.

Rising up one place Lucenzo now is the second French act with a Number 2 hit this year. The other of course is David Guetta who climbed to the runner’s up position with Sweat (besides Snoop Dogg) in April. David Guetta also is the last French act at the Top of the German charts. It was in early October 2009 when Sexy Bitch occupied the Nr.1 for a single week.

David Guetta also is the artist behind the track entering highest this week. Titanium is the first of three promotional singles from the French DJ’s upcoming album Nothing But The Beat. The track enters on download sales only landing at number 8. It is the ninth Guetta track in 2011 that can enter the list. So he is far and away the most productive artist of now. Only Rihanna can come close with 7 chart hits in 2011. Having five consecutive Top 10 hits (4 alone in 2011) is another impressive feat. Last act doing so was Lady Gaga who collected 8 Top 10 singles in a row interrupted this year by her single Judas that only gained position 23.

The voice of Titanium is Australian SIA (Sia Furler) who earned some European chart experiences in the UK at the beginning of the Millenium. In Germany she now debuts – at least in the single’s survey. Her album We Are Born had a short visit inside the album list in last July. She is the first Australian act entering the German Top 10 since Empire Of The Sun grabed number 1 in December last year.

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