Jupiter Jones climbs into Top 10

Let’s start with an absolutely amazing news: Jupiter Jones – the new German super band – enters the Top 10 in Germany. Their single Still finally hit number 10 after a 14-week-rise. It is one of that beautiful stories bout slowly but steadily growing hits. It started all in March this year when Still finally hit the shops as a CD single. The track was available before as an acoustic version on downloads only. Performances on TV at more or less serious shows not targeted on a teenager audience made them popular amongst twens and thirtyners. Their start within the charts at number 32 was already a tough first look into the commercial mainstream. Much more surprising was the longer lasting interest in the CD single and finally much more radio stations than the few alternate oriented began to play Still. Right now the song is the most played German one ranking at number 13 at the Nielsen Airplay Chart.

Number 10 in the official media control list means Still is the second best sold German track this week. Some copies more sold Pietro Lombardi’s song Call My Name. Seeing the latter one heavily tumbling down the list it is very likely having Jupiter Jones back as the commercially most succesfull German act of the week. The band already gained that honour in Mid-May when German tracks were kind of underrepresented in the charts. – In some ways Still remains on the success of Halt dich an mir fest by Revolverheld feat. Marta Jandová that had a strong chart run end of last year and still sneaking around the lower Top50.

Third best German track is San Francisco the new single offered by cascada. I just dropped a few words on this release on thursday.

Second best German CD start goes to rapper Bushido. He is far and away the most productive German hiphop star of the past few years. Wärst du immer noch hier? (Would You Still Be Here?) is the second single released from his recent album Jenseits von Gut und Böse (Beyond Good And Evil) and it is his seventh single within two years. In the 10 years of his career he was able to launch 29 tracks into the German charts so far.

There ain’t much about to tell about the new song. One could love the lyrics of Bushido or hate them – nothing in between. The new track is for sure one of the least controversial. It is a questioning about how luxury might influence emotions and love. Very philosophically it could lead to an analysis of the dependency between wealthiness and personal luck or the possibility of happiness. Of course Bushido himself does not step that far. He just asks some questions. As we all know the world of Bushido and his attitude against women the track is much more a further elegy bout only skin-deep women.

European tracks
Having Romanian Alexandra Stan and German Jupiter Jones entering the Top 10 we now count 8 of 10 top tracks with at least one European artist involved. Much more amazing the fact that of this 8 tracks only two count for British artists. Taking the 20 most sold tracks in account we still have 14 of them officially (co-)credited to European artists including five coming directly from Germany.
All that meaning: there is a strong connection to European music right now in Germany. American stars are pushed by the industry strongly and they are very present at airplay and adverts – though European acts might proof their relevance and a good sense of what’s going on in European peoples life.

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