28th of May: King Soccer is entering the top

Wasn’t it predictable? Even more: assured. K’NAAN is entering the top position of Germany’s official media control charts. The hymn of the FIFA-championship Wavin’ Flag is climbing two places in it's third week and leaves former top hit Don’t Believe by recent superstar Mehrzad Marashi down at number 4. The question now is: will K’NAAN stand at the top for the next weeks as the event is still two weeks (if you considering the evaluation time span three weeks) ahead? Or will german Eurovision participant Lena come back to interrupt the nr.1 run? At this very moment (a few hours before the contest is taking place) the german medias are still seeing "our" Lena winning. But well – have you followed the contest over the recent past? Do you think a regular pop song without any show effect will really have the chance of beating entries from Azerbaidshan, Greece, Turkey or even Iceland? Well … let's talk later about that.

For now K'NAAN is the fourth newcomer in 2010 entering the top position. All four – stromae, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Mehrzad Marashi and K'NAAN – did it consecutively. Last time we had this situation was 2004 when Eamon gave the crown to Moldavian O-Zone who turned it to Aventura and later on to Eric Prydz. Just to mention it – before Eamon an artist named Mario Winans entered the top with his first chart single but with the help of two stars in the face of Enya and P. Diddy. The four "real" newcomer spent alltogether 30 weeks at the top. Far away from the recent 12 weeks run of K'NAAN and friends.

In 2010 K'NAAN is the 8th artist entering the top position. Last year we had just five at the end of May cause of the Nr.1 occupying Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

Highest new entry of the week is Der Himmel soll warten (Heaven shall wait) by an unexpected collaboration between german rap star Sido and pop singer Adel Tawil. The track is the pre-release of following MTV unplugged album of the Berlin based rap star. He is so far the seventh german artist chosen for the MTV serial and only the second hiphop artist after Die Fantastischen Vier which published their unplugged set in 2000. The album marks a further step in the commercial battle between the two main german rap artists Bushido and Sido. Both acting for a few years as heavy mainstream acts after years of underground success. Bushido's last coup dates back to february this year when is biographical movie Zeiten ändern dich (Times change you) plus same titled album which hit the upper ranks of the charts. Leading single track Alles wird gut (All will be well) hit straight to number 10 at the singles charts.

While Bushido is staying at his well known level of brutality, violence, simplicity and machismo (with clearly sexist attitude) his competitor Sido changed from the bad ghetto kid to a more balanced and equalized artist. His outfit changed from an anonymous and angry war fighter to an gentle and sensitive father figure. In 2009 he even showed up as a supporter for the national election with an own TV show. Now with being chosen by MTV for its unplugged serie he enters finally the status of an highly accepted pop star. On the album one can find guests like Berlin alternative rap collective K.I.Z., Stephan Remmler famous as a member of 80's band Trio and Adel Tawil one of the most successfull german artists nowadays.

In commercial terms the battle between Sido and Bushido is pendant: Der Himmel soll warten is Sido's third top 10 single, Bushido's history counts four. Nr. 2 for the recent release is the best position Sido ever reached, Bushido had have a nr.4 hit with Alles verloren (Everything lost) in 2007.

The track itself speaks about the lust for life, unaccomplished dreams and wishes. The lyrics took clearly the position of a (young) man praying to an unnamed god. This fact is undoubtable a compromise to Adel Tawil who's lyrics always have a connection to christianity and godliness. For Sido itself such sound is quiet new and could make one wondering about an upcoming age crisis.

Adel Tawil strikes with the collaboration for a third consecutive time nr. 2 or better as a solo artist. Last year he acccompanied Cassandra Steen on her hit Stadt (Town). As a member of pop duo Ich + Ich he also hit nr.1 last year with Pflaster (Band-aid) which is still present at the list.

Completing the top 3 german band UNHEILIG is turning once again its moving with Geboren um zu leben (Born For Living). It is the 16th consecutive week within the german top 5 – far and away the best result 2010 so far.

Turning back in the top 10 is jason derülo with his second hit single In My Head. After spending two weeks outside the top 10 he now enters a new peak for the song with nr. 9.

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