Sep 22nd 17: Kay & Pietro's Second Week

- Still at #1: Kay One & Pietro Lombardi with Señorita. It is the first song in German since EFF's Stimme in January 2016 that can at least spend a fortnight at the top.

- With spending a 26th week inside the top 10 Despacito now is the longest running top 10 hit 2017 overtaking Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You from the beginning of the year. Despacita now also ranks as the second longest running top 10 hit of this decade. Indeed Atemlos durch die Nacht by Helene Fischer is still far and away with 34 weeks inside the top 10.
Having a look at the all time long runners Despacito has still some work to do. It only ranks at position 11 of all top 10 hits since the beginning of the charts in 1954.

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