August 12th 16: Still Imany

* Indeed Imany can hold firm at the top with her Don't Be So Shy–it is now the sixth consecutive week which makes her the longest standing French female singer at #1 since the beginning of the German charts. The very first #1 by a French singer Am Tag als der Regen kam (Dalida) had an two months run in August and September 1958. Comparing those both runs is kind of unfair though to the fact that in 1958 monthly charts were issued–probably Don't Be So Shy alrady now is the most sold single of July and August 2016, so it equals the success of Dalida.

Remix duo Filatov & Karas with this week becomes the Russian act occupying German #1 for longest of all times.

* songs involving British artists again dip to a lower level then the week before: only 12 of 100

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