June 24th 16: Back To Normality

While the UEFA EM still goes on the first big rush of Euphoria is done and so the pre-EM #1 This Girl returns to the top. Usually the demand in football related songs rises as the championship approaches to the end. Of course it also depends on the performance of the German Mannschaft too. So far KUnGS vs. Cookin' On 3 Burners serves with the favourite tune of the moment.

One of the aspirants for next #1 is Mark Forster whose Wir sind gross is aired steadily around the matches and which rises 5-3, on the midweek charts already overtaken the official song This One's For You by David Guetta feat. Zara Larsson.

New arrival inside the top 10 is Don't Be So Shy by Imany which increases the number of French acts there up to three. In August 2011 we had that feat already–so French music has an impressive presence for more thn five year.
With Imany comes with a Comorian decent this week there are two artists with roots in Africa inside the top 10. The continent so far in chart history is really underrepresented. Sadly enough this current visibility will stand a short intermezzo for sure.

Longest running top 10 hit is again Cheap Thrills by SIA Feat. Sean Paul as it collects a 15th top ten week at #8 now.

Gainers of the week
Disturbed's take on Sound Of Silence starts taking up steam in Germany also. It lands in its third chart week at #49. And also The Ocean by Mike Perry Feat. Shy Martin takes a big leap of 50 places landing exactly in the middle of the list at #50 in its second week.
Gainer number 3 by rising 27 places is Ride by Twentyøne piløts which lands at #62. Simultaneously a next song enters the list. Heathens is a pre-release from the original soundtrack of Suicide Squad scheduled for August. The song already now sits pretty at #83.

Highest new entry
In the middle of the list there was a battle going on about which track is the highest new entry. Winner of the duel is Dark Necessities by Red Hot Chili Peppers that lands at #47. Technically it is a re-entry as the song already had a chart sneak in on May 13th this year at #84. So one might count as the highest real new entry Duele el Corazon the new single by Enrique Iglesias. Featured artist Wisin ends with his appearance a more than 10 years long abstinence from the German charts. In 2005/06 he had a nine weeks run alongside R. Kelly on Burn It Up.

German productions
The number of German productions and songs in German still decreases. It stands now at a level of 15 productions and 13 in German which is frankly spoken still a good level compared to the whole chart history. Of course the past months the situation was slightly different as we had exactly a year ago numbers that are double as big. And at the end of 2015 we had 52 productions involving Germans and 41 songs in German.

A similar situation is seen if we have a look on the European level. Only 59 productions involving Europeans. This situation is supported also by the weak performance of British acts. Only 14 of 100 songs including a British participation–does Britain tries the Brexit also on popmusical field?

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