Feb 12th 16: Alan Walker Goes No.1

Oops–what a surprise. Completely. It is hardly seen that a song jumps to #1 from outside the Top 5. This current week Norwegian DJ Alan Walker does with his debut hit Faded. Last week he sat pretty at #8, the midweek survey listed jonas Blue and his Fast Car at the top and over the week the electro influenced club hit took over the British deep house track.
A year ago OMI did that feat too. And of course Die Ärzte had their 12–1 jump in September due to a viral campaign.

It is the first Norwegian #1 since 2009 when Marit Larsen held the top position for five weeks with If A Song Coul Get Me You. So Alan Walker also is more selling in a week than his mate KYGO ever did.

A story besides: This is the tenth consecutive European #1 hit–a period that started in June past year with Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) by Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine Thompson.

Also the rest of the top 10 is in a big turnover. Climbing from #7 to runners up position the jonas Blue cover of Fast Car goes. Reaching #1 in the UK too the new version there also overtakes the original version of Tracy Chapman from 1988.
Further three songs enter the Top 10 newly. To #5 Stereoact feat. Kerstin Ott with Die immer Lacht jumps from position 20. #8 is Me, Myself & I by G-Eazy X Bebe Rhexa–landing there in its sixth chart week. And the X Ambassadors see their Renegades jumping 19–10. So all of the new arrivals come from acts never charted that high before. With two completely US-American acts invading the top 10 we "only" have six tracks with European acts involved. It is this the lowest result since November 21st 2014. And also the statistics for the top 20 doesn't look better. 12 tracks involving Europeans is as low as in December 2014 last time.

As this issue covers the last and wildest days of German carnival it also serves with the hits of the season. Leading the pack is Andreas Gabalier with Hulapalu which lands at #13 and is his second top 20 hit in Germany. Runners up is Leev Marie by Paveier. Stopping at #34 this is a new career peak for the Cologne band.
Number 3 in this special interest survey is Jeck Yeah by BRINGS occupying #48 on the singles list.
All three songs are recorded this season.

The highest new entry comes from the dream lovers Sarah + Pietro casted in 2011. Nur mit dir is their sixth chart entry and still they have a teenie fanbase what is impressive at all. The huge success from the start of their careers now is far and away.

Right behind the highest climber of the week stops. It is Hymn For The Weekend by Coldplay.

Almost exactly five years ago Mike Posner had his last appearance in the list. This week he is back with I Took A Pill In Ibiza which enters at #59. It is an open secret that this entry comes due to a remix by Norwegian duo SeeB.

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