Jan 15th 16: Catch & Release goes #1

Well it is kind of surprising: Adele's Hello looses steam and gives way for anothe #1. The surprise of course is the fact that the new #1 is a song even longer sneaking through the list. The deep house remix of Catch & Release recorded originally by Matt Simons and reworked by Dutch Deepend already spends its 13th week inside the survey. Well–that's quite a relaxed rise.

Catch & Release is the first number one involving a USAmerican since May past year when Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth clocked up there. It is no secret telling you Matt Simons alone never had a chance to get there. So at least 50% (or even more) of the succeess belongs Dutch project deepend. It is this the third consecutive calendar year with having a Dutch act topping the German list. As far as I can oversee the whole history of German charts it never happened before.

Still on the way up Shawn Mendes is. Stitches gains another place stopping now at #3 in its 15th chart week. The singer now matches the peak of country fellow Justin Bieber. Will the new idol go further? Or will he get overturned by EFF that sees its Stimme rising two places to #4. By the way #4 is the worst performance for the best selling German production since May 1st past year.
And also Major Lazer Feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG still move upwards with Light It Up. The track goes #5 in its 9th chart week.

The first real new song comes in at #11. And it is one that for sure will dog us the next months. Do you know what is the most sold German schlager of all times? Not Atemlos durch die Nacht–that one serves as one of three second best sold songs. The most sold German song of all times still is Ein Stern (der deinen Namen trägt) by DJ Ötzi & Nik P. from 2007. And exactly that duo did it again in 2016. Their new single calls Geboren um dich zu lieben and starts chart short of the top 10. Since 2008 both didn't appear that high–I guess this part of history will be written newly in a few days.
For nerds of statistics. The new single is DJ Ötzi's 30th chart single and the third week in a row that the highest new entry comes from Austria.

The strong start of the song comes due to Florian Silbereisen's TV Show Das große Fest der Besten–another Schlager event on public mainstream TV. The airing also propels other classics up the charts as Roland Kaiser & Maite Kelly and their Warum hast du nicht nein gesagt. It is the fifth time the song sneaks in the survey and slowly it becomes a sure party hit.
New inside the list the showmaster himself now is. With trio KLUBBB3 Florian Silbereisen has its very first chart entry at #87. For a TV superstar that result seems kind of annoying.

The news of the week in music business of course was the death of David Bowie. The incident generates some chart entries–even some of his most significant songs can get attention like never before. I am talking for example about Heroes. Recorded in 1977 it had some medium chart success in Britain and some European countries–except Germany. Here the song charted for the very first time in a cover version by the team of The Voice of Germny in 2011. Back than it peaked at #76.
Now the original has its first chart appearance and lands at an impressive #19–which also his the first top 20 appearance of David Bowie since 1986 when Underground had a short sneak in.

Also Space Oddity has its first chart appearance this current week. The song lands at #40 47 years after it was first released.

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