Nov 20th 15: Biebermania

First of all there is no story atop. Adele's Hello still outsells all other competitors and spends a fourth week at #1. It is her 50th top 10 week at all which introduces her to the top 3 female artists of this decade as she accompanies Lady Gaga (50 top 10 weeks since the beginning of 2010 as well) and Rihanna (112 top 10 weeks in this current decade alone).

The story of #2 is much more impressive. Geiles Leben by Glasperlenspiel spends a sixth consecutive week there. It is now the longest running #2 hit since 2011. Back than it was Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera that had a seven weeks run at the runners up position.

The top story comes at #3 of the album's list. There the new album of Justin Bieber lands. It misses again the top like all other releases before. Still it is the strongest seller of the teenie idol missing the #1 due to new releases of giants like Helene Fischer and One Direction. The true impact can be seen by a look at the single's list. Sorry climbs one place to #4 again, at #7 Love Yourself enters as the most cherry picked song of the new collection, and even his first release this year What Do You Mean? returns to top 10 status at #8. So we have three Bieber releases inside the top 10 accompanied by five further tracks invading the lower end of the charts.
Three songs of one artist simultaneously inside the top 10–that's a feat hardly seen. I just remember the impressive breakthrough of Lena in 2010. Can anybody remember a further case?

Thanks to a performance on The Voice of Germany on Friday 13th Ed Sheeran's Photograph swaps back to #10 adding a 14th top 10 week to its account. Although the longest running top 10 hit right now is Lieblingsmensch by Namika sitting pretty at #9.
Talking 'bout European acts it is this week a special one as we see "only" seven tracks coming from Europe. It is the worst figure since the first week of 2015. So this year is a pretty good for European music–even better than 2014. On the other hand a former big player in pop business really suffers from success. US American productions heavily miss the very big attention they got for decades. Last week there were only 23 tracks featuring US American acts. This week the top 10 is completely free from acts of the USA. The highest US American rises to #11 in the face of Matt Simons. His Catch & Release attracts people in Germany due to a remix–by Dutch project Deepend. The highest song truely produced in the USA stucks at #15 featuring the two superstars Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor on the song Marvin Gaye.

The other country on the sub-continent Canada is in opposite as successfull as hardly before. As mentioned above Justin Bieber serves with eight entries but he is not the only Canadian inside the list. With the arrival of The Weeknd's The Hills at #20 there are five tracks inside the top 20 involving Canadians. In total there are 15 tracks under appearance of Canadians inside the Top 100 include newcomer Alessia Cara who enters at #96.

At #48 a reaction on the Parisian suicide attacks on Novembre 13th arrives. As an act of solidarity with the 89 killed at Le Bataclan theatre a campaign was created to buy the song Save A Prayer in the cover version of EoDM (Eagles of Death Metal). Originally the song was recorded by British Duran Duran in 1982. The band announced that it will donate their proceeds from the campaign to charity.

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