Oct 30th 15: Adele is back

After weeks of almost no movement at all between the top places it is this week a complete change. Due to Adele's latest offering–the album announcing Hello–there is the fourth straight #1 in 2015 and an almost forgotten sound back at the very top. Almost exactly three years after Skyfall hit the top in Germany the singer is back with a third #1 song and is now the fifth act doing so in this current decade.

The straight rise to #1 also ends a 12 weeks presence of German productions at the top. A feat last seen in 2007 when Mark Medlock & Dieter Bohlen, Monrose, Azad Feat. Adel Tawil and Culcha Candela passed the #1 crown to each other for exactly 12 consecutive weeks.

Not only #1 turns out completely new. Also #3 features a straight new entry in the like of Justin Bieber who features his upcoming album with a second single called Sorry. The song was produced by Skrillex as predecessor What Do You Mean was. But the new song sets a new peak for the Canadian teenie star as it lands as high as no other song of Bieber before. It is only the fourth top10 song for him.
Meanwhile predecessor What Do You Mean? returns to the top10 spending a sixth week inside it. Which also means that three tracks recorded by Canadians invades the top10 this current week.

The biggest gainers this week are:
Bedingungslos by Sarah Connor that goes 62–30
Hotline Bling by Drake 53–28
Melodie by CRO 69–44
Catch & Release by Matt Simons 80-61
Same Old Love by Selena Gomez 79–62
Never Forget You by Zara Larsson & MNEK 88–69

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