August 7th 15: Robin Schulz gets a third #1

This is my 400th post on this blog. Meaning almost exactly eight years ago I started watching the German singles charts and analyzing movers toppers long runners and so on. The blog itself changed several times–as this column was visited much more from English or Russian speaking countries I changed the language. The stories I tell also differs a lot between 2008 and now. Well–thank you for joining me and leaving your comments. A few days ago my facebook page Pop.Schredder also started. Hope you will be there as well.

Back to the charts:
First #1 as main artist, second as properly featured artist, third #1 as producer/mixer. Additionally two top 10 hits as main act one of them peaking at #2 and a further remix of an existing hit charting as extra entry and peaking at #35. That's the result so far for one and a half year of chart career. The act in question is young German DJ / producer Robin Schulz who is hard on the way of becoming the best seling German act of this decade. Depending on which statistic you trust more he already is as popular and successful as rapper CRO who started two years earlier. At least in terms of single hits he really comes close to the level of CRO.

What is different to the rapper is the international attention Robin Schulz gets. After "discovering" British singer Jasmine Thompson for the European area and featuring USAmerican songwriter Ilsey Juber it is now very young Canadian Francesco Yates who becomes known to a broader European audience due to its appearance on new no.1 single Sugar. The singer is the first Canadian occupying the top spot since Nelly Furtado in early 2009.

Rising two further places MoTrip feat. Lary stops at #3 with So wie du bist. Another hip hop act stops at #6.Namika enters the top 10 with her debut single Lieblingsmensch in its fourth chart week. The album Nador started a week ago at #13 and now slides to #17, the single still gains more airplay and so it does on the singles list.

Kind of a surprise takes place at #10. Four years after its forming on X Factor Britain boy group One Direction becomes a top 10 act with its single Drag Me Down. It is the 14th proper chart entry in Germany. So far they only once sneaked into the top 20 in August 2013 with Best Song Ever. The career looks quite unusual. Ending as third on the casting show they immediately became stars in their home countries Ireland and Britain. Four resp. three #1 aingle hits plus same amount on the albums list make the band an impressive evident of how the boy group formula still works in the 2010s. Even the USAmerican market celebrates the boys. In Germany they are a phenomenon not very recognized by the mainstream so far. With the first proper hit single and a new album it might change. So One Direction is also an example how careers change in times of social media–even on the highly planned casting market.

The pure social media stars themselves get much more attention on mainstream but the commercial success on the sales charts still is not that big. At least duo Die Lochis has its highest chart entry this week with Ab geht's starting at #29. So far all hits of the duo disappeared latest after two weeks on the survey.

Tracks rising
How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris + Disciples 22–17 in its third chart week
Sun Is Shining by Axwell Ingrosso 99–51 in its second week

On #97 there is a song entering the list that is 16 years old. Learn To Fly by the Foo Fighters was the most successful single of the band on the US billboard charts. In Europe there were other songs having the sympathy and love of the music buyers. Well–due to an action initiated by an Italian musician the song now charts for the very first time in Germany. The version of Rockin' 1000 Italian musicians quite is as much good as the original and worth of getting an chart entry. So far only the Foo Fighters version had that chance.
Finally here it is what the action was about: To please the band for a concert in Cesena, Italy. Can someone stand such a strong performance?

All in all there are nine tracks entering the list for the very first time. This is a very median figure. More unusual is the fact we have no re-entry. In 2015 this happened only once before on February 27th. In 2014 there were only two weeks too: May 16th and May 23rd.

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