20th of Feb 15: First Straight No1 of 2015

The fast change of number 1s continues. This recent week we do have a new one again–a brand new additionally. It is Ellie Goulding who rockets straight to the top with her contribution to the Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack. The song in question is Love Me Like You Do.
It is this the sixth number 1 song in 2015 and the second for the singer. A month ago she achieved the top for the first time alongside with Calvin Harris on the track Outside. The success back than took only a single week.

Some statistics for Ellie Goulding: Last female artist having two number 1s in the same calendar year was Lady Gaga in 2009. It was her record breaking Poker Face that occupied the top spot for 13 weeks followed four months later by her Paparazzi. The latter one only flashed for a week at the top.

As I mentioned before Love Me Like You Do is the first straight number 1 of the year. It is quite early having this situation. Usually it takes at least till March or April when the TV superstars are chosen that a single rockets straight to the top. The last early nr.1 shooter came in January 2009 when James Morrisson & Nelly Furtado duetted on Broken Strings. That recording held firm there for five consecutive weeks.

A full bunch of six different tracks appearing at number 1 by 20th of February never before took place in chart history. So we are on a good way to fight the record of most number 1 tracks in one calendar year that was set in 2001 with full 23 different songs. Well–it is still a long way to go for that and next week can already change a lot…

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