2nd of Jan 2015: First List of the Year

The last number 1 of 2014 is the first on of 2015 - a situation which ain't unusual. The Christmas sales reflect the preferences of the past months. New music is released hardly (at least in Germany). And so the first list of a year mostly looks more or less steady. The last turn at the Top simultaneously to the change of the years was 2010/11 when Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel IZ Kamakawiwo'ole left the top position after a 12 weeks run and gave place to The Time–the so far last number 1 of The Black Eyed Peas.
In 2014/15 it is Dangerous by David Guetta feat. Sam Martin that expands its run at the top to a fifth week.

Top 10 Action
Due to his performance at the Christmas show of Helen Fischer (broadcasted on Christmas day on ZDF)Andreas Bourani sees his Auf anderen Wegen returning to the Top 10 again. It now reaches a new peak at number 4–in its 14th chart week–and is for the first time the best sold German production.

The highest new entry comes in at number 9 in the like of Cool Kids by echosmith.

Christmas Tunes
Covering the sales of week 19th to 25th of December 2014 this current list reflects the most loved Christmas tunes in Germany. In 2014 it is–of course–the German version of Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid 30. It actually sits pretty at number 16–the slide downwards the list already started a week ago.
Right behind that song a small sensation can be watched. Usually Last Christmas is the song of choice in Germany while the festive season. In 2014 it is another song. 20 years after its first release All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey can beat the classic from Wham!. It jumps 14 places to number 17 in its 42nd chart week eclipsing the old peak from 2007/08 by a single place. Doing so the song is the one taking the sixth longest time span to peak–first place belongs to Michael Jackson and his Thriller (25 1/2 year). Compared by chart weeks it is the third latest peak only beaten by Last Christmas (72 weeks) and Sky And Sand recorded by Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner (83 weeks).
Talking 'bout Last Christmas: The song can achieves the highest place since 5 years. It celebrates its 30th anniversary at number 19.

A further new peak In der Weihnachtsbäckerei bei Rolf (Zuckowski) und seine Freunde achieves. The track–only available as an album cut–re-enters at number 75. It is already the second time this season but only the fourth time at all the track appears in the list. So far it never managed to go higher than number 96.

Udo Jürgens
The death of the singer brings some of his tunes back in the list. Most popular ain't his biggest selling song but the one that was re-discovered 5 years ago by German band Sportfreunde Stiller. Originally recorded in 1982 Ich war noch niemals in New York in 2009 had its chart debut at number 60. Now it returns as the best performing song of the singer at number 53. It is only its 9th week inside the charts–the version with Sportfreunde Stiller did much better: number 25 and 11 chart weeks so far.
At number 55 his biggest hit Griechicher Wein appaers newly in the list. The single spent eight weeks at number 1 in 1975.
Right behind that single the 42nd chart entry for the singer comes in. It is the duet with his daughter Jenny Liebe ohne Leiden recorded in 1984. 30 years after its release the single enters the charts for the very first time.
And at number 83 the song re-appears that brought Udo Jürgens the victory at the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne in 1966 Merci Cherie. In its original chart run the song peaked at number 4. Now the song is the one with the longest time span of chart appearance ever: almost 49 years. So far it was Nights In White Satin by The Moody Blues which charted in November 2013 again after it was performed on a casting show.
It is kind of fate that the second prominent death artist is beaten by that record too. Joe Cockers very first chart appearance was in December 1968 with With A Little Help From My Friends. The song re-appears this week at number 85 and now over spans a time of 46 years–a year longer than the Moody Blues tune but almost three short of Merci Cherie.

Back to Udo Jürgens: With his new presence inside the singles charts he is the artist with tho longest chart career. He first appeared on the list in August 1958–so his presence spance a period of more than 57 years. It is a historical record beating the one of Paul Kuhn from 2008.

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