22nd of August 2014: A static Top 10

Number 1
Nr.1 is still Lovers On The Run by David Guetta feat. Sam Martin (plus additional production by AVICII)
It is the second week for the song, the third for main artist David Guetta and the 12th for not mentioned artist AVICII (all these weeks within little more than a year)

Top 10 action
Actually there is almost no action at all inside the Top 10. The top 7 holds still.
Wicked Wonderland by Martin Tungevaag rises a single place to number 8 which marks a new peak for that song and Summer by Calvin Harris returns 11–10 due to the second week tumble of Maroon 5's new single MAPS.

Two big gainers this week land inside the Top 20:
Rude by Canadian MAGIC! jumps 16 places to number 12 which gives us two acts from the North American country inside the Top 20 (the other one is KIESZA). A feat last seen in June 2012.

And Chandelier by SIA even jumps 19 places to number 20. It is the first time she reaches the Top 20 as an artist since her appearance on David Guetta's She Wolf which went to number 3 in September 2012.

Highest new entry comes from Ariana Grande Featuring ZEDD.
Break Free is Ariana's second chart hit in Germany after Problems (feat. Iggy Azalea) peaked at number 19 last week. German ZEDD already has three other chart hits under his belt. Number 27 with Break Free is the second best performing right behind Stay The Night which peaked at number 15 this spring.
All in all there are only seven new tracks inside the survey plus two re-entering songs. It is the third time in 2014 that we can witness such a low turnover of songs. Well, there were years when not long ago when it was almost usual that only seven or even six songs left the list for new or re-entering tracks.

Biggest Gainers
The biggest one is CRO and his announced next single Bad Chick which jumps full 25 places to number 41 in its third chart week.

Postcards by James Blunt reaches number 50 in its 4th chart week. The track jumps 15 places.

Norway – the upcoming EuroPop Country
By Anders Nilsen with Salsa Tequila charting there are three Norwegian productions simultaneously invading the German list. The most popular at this time is the above mentioned, very similarly sounding Wicked Wonderland. The third one is Am I Wrong current number 1 hit in Great Britain by Nico & Vinz.
Of course there were a lot of internationally successful pop acts coming from Norway including a-ha/Morten Harket, Madcon, Maria Mena and Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak. Even EuroDisco coming from Norway was highly successful with Barbie Girl by Aqua topping the lists worldwide in 1997. The presence of more than two Norwegian acts at once is a feat hardly found in chart history.
This picture fits well with the result European productions reach these weeks. The current issue counts 82 productions coming from Europe or with participation of European acts. Although European productions are very present within the last months and even years this result is quite unique. It shows on the other hand the low rate of pure US-American productions: Less than a quarter. Ten years ago the picture was completely different–so maybe the life (and cultural tastes) on both continents differ more and more at the moment.

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