23rd of May 2014: Third Nr.1 new entry / first Eurovision effects / King Kollegah

Chart history is written these days. A third consecutive week a completely new song storms the top of the singles charts in Germany. That is really something that never happened before. By the way these three number 1s are all produced by Germans. Alone that feat–three consecutive number 1 songs coming from Germany–was last seen seven years ago. It is a historic moment this week.
The song in question is Traum the new singly by German rapper CRO. The track announces his upcoming album Melodie that will follow in June. The single so far was scheduled for a release on 30th of May. The huge success on airplay made the record company prepone the release date. Immediately the song goes number 1 having the best digital sales start since three years. It is CRO’s second number 1 and indeed the second song that starts straight at the top position.

The Eurovision Song Contest shows its impact. Calm After The Storm by Dutch The Common Linnets enters the German charts at number 3. It is already now the best performing Eurovision runner’s up since 1969 when Cliff Richard’s Congratulations missed the trophy but performed very well on sale.
Winner Conchita Wurst from Austria and her song Rise Like A Phoenix enter the list at number 5. It matches last year’s winner Like A Teardrop by Emmeli de Forest and indeed is the best performing song coming from Austria since Klangkarussell’s Sonnentanz hit number 4 in November 2012.
All in all there are 12 songs from the contest entering the charts. It matches the result of last year's issue which was far and away the most influencing contest of all times.

Best sold album comes from German rapper Kollegah. As since January also streamings are eligible the new king of rap can set 18 different tracks into the current list. This is a feat only once beaten. In 2009 after the dead of Michael Jackson the star had more than 20 songs inside the list for three weeks. The peak was an unbelievable 24 songs.

Counting Eurovision and Kollegah's album tracks together this current weeks sees 35 completely new tracks entering the list. It is another new record for the German charts set up in this historical week.

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