Hot Spot 10-25-13

Oops – we do have a second No.1 in 2013 coming from France. It is the duo Klingandethat can bring its track Jubel to the top right after it is available as a physical release as well. Still a sale on CD counts up to four times more than a digital sale – that’s the German chart system.

It is the first time since 26 years that within five months two different French acts can reach the German top. Back in 1987 it was Desireless who went to number 1 with Voyage Voyage in August after the spring time was completely La Boum fevered resulting in a number 1 hit for the signature song Reality and the duet between Pierre Cosso & Bonnie Bianco whose Stay occupied the top spot for four weeks in March. – Nice gossip besides: 7 months after Desireless left the top a further French act singing French shined there. It was France Gall with Ella elle l’a who took the batton.

AVICII has a big following single to his hit Wake Me Up! with Hey Brothergoing 10–2. In his home country Sweden the track already reached number 1 as the third single in a row.

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