Hot Spot 09-20-13

AVICII still delivers the most selling single of the week. Wake Me Up! now holds the 10th week firm at the Top. Last track doing so was Rihanna's Diamonds at the tail end of 2012 meaning Wake Me Up! right now is the longest standing Nr.1 of the year. Technically it still can be dethroned, but well … do you believe in miracles?

AVICII not only rewrites the history of the year 2013 – he also approaches the history of Swedish pop music. With 10 weeks on Top in Germany Wake Me Up! is the longest standing No.1 hit coming from Sweden since 19 years. In November 1994 Cotton Eye Joe by the Rednex landed at the Top and hold there for exactly 10 weeks. As far as I know never before a Swedish production performed more successful.

Martin Garrix now hits the Top 10 – his track Animals lands at number 8 this current week.

After released on CD We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus gets a sales boost and jumps 39–16 in its 14th chart week. With that she reaches a new peak in her whole career. So far 7 Things from 2008 was her highest climbing single stopped at number 17. Upcoming single Wrecking Ball also takes a leap landing at number 25 this week.

Belgian stromae does have a second Top10 hit in Germany with Papaoutai that sits pretty at number 7. His breakthrough track alors on danse also gains some new attention and re-enters at number 72 this current week. It is the highest ranking the track can achieve since January 2011.

A last gossip story: Discobitch is back with its hit C'est beau la bourgeoisie after the track is used in a commercial spot for the new Citroen DS3. In 2009 the recording made it up to number 61 in Germany.

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