Hot Spot 09-07-13

It is week number eight at the Top for Wake Me Up! by AVICII. It only falls one week short to eclipse the so far longest holding Nr.1 hit in 2013 Scream & Shout by & Britney Spears.

First time since the first week of May this year there is no German song inside the Top 10. Highest production comes in at number 11 in the face of CRO and his Whatever.

With teasing single Too Many Friends from their upcoming album Loud Like Love Placebo reach a new peak in the singles charts by entering directly at number 14. It is the 14th charting single in the band's 18 years long career. Their first chart hit entered the list in 2000 – since than they've never been placed higher then rank 32 in summer 2009. Now their chart history is written new.
The lack of successful single hits is a well known thing. For comparison Iron Maiden charted 15 times in the singles list never climbing higher then number 23. And strongly hyped Oasis had 18 charting singles all stoping lower then number 17.

Also never reaching the Top 10 Miley Cyrus can launch her 11th chart hit in Germany. Wrecking Ball enters on a low number 57.

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