Hot Spot 08-16-13

Wake Me Up by AVICII stands still for week no. five at the German top. It now belongs to the Top 3 of the longest holding number 1 hits in 2013 joining Let Her Go by Passenger (5x) and Scream & Shout by & Britney Spears (9x). And it now matches the success of last years Swedish summer hit I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li.

With CASPER entering number 4 German Raop-style launches a third Top 5 act in one year. After CRO and Marteria have having topped the singles charts Im Ascheregen is the next attempt. CASPER’s album Hinterland follows these days.

At number 10 Ellie Goulding for the first time enters the upper region of the German charts. The song giving her that honour is Burn.

German rap star Shindy can launch four different tracks in the list after the release of its album NWA in the clean 2.0 version. The original shot to number 1 two weeks ago but was banned by the authorities. The four songs entering the singles list are exactly the four new recorded: Stress mit Grund, Springfield 2, Bruce Wayne and Mein Shit. – Shindy is only the fifth artist in 2013 having at least four tracks simultanously invading the list. The four reaching that feat before are CRO,, Rihanna and Helen Fischer.

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