39-12: Germany loves German music (and some Austrian tunes too)

A new Number 1 offered by a new trio: MARTERIA • YASHA • MISS PLATNUM are the new stars starting with their new single Lila Wolken (Violet Clouds) right at the Top. It is the third single in 2012 starting chart life at the highest position. And it is the third Number 1 coming from a German act. After the superstar and the DJ remix it is the probably most important style that finally can gain the Top spot: German HipHop reaches it’s commercial zenit.

Having the third German production at number one means we really have German music back to it’s success. In 2011 there was only one act from Germany topping the weekly charts – probably the bottom of the “crisis” of German music. The last heydays from the early 2000s when at least five track each year topped the list seems still far and away. All in all we watch five German productions inside the Top 10 which is quite an impressive fact. In the whole Top 100 there are 31 tracks produced by German acts. I really do not know when we had such a situation the last time.

Back to the song starting at number 1: Lila Wolken is a soft hymn for free night life. It tells about the search for having the choise and the luck seeing the morning sky. It lifts Marteria and Miss Platnum with their third chart hit to number 1. For the latter on it took almost exactly five years getting here. – A second track from the EP of the trio can enter the charts on single downloads. It is Feuer which reaches position 52.

The next new entry comes due to a performance at new season of Das Supertalent. Jean-Michel Aweh performed Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen originally recorded by Philipp Poisel–right after the show the two years old song shoots to number 5 reaching a new peak. It is the second song of Philipp Poisel reaching the Top 5 after being performed in a casting show. And it is his third Top 5 hit in 2012 making him the most successful German act this year. Rapper CRO only had two Top 5 hits this year so far.

Supported by the new demand also the latest single Wolke 7 alongside Max Herre jumps back up the list and lands at number 9. In the same manner (but slightly more dimmed) Eiserner Steg rises 67–46 in its 40th chart week and Ich will nur comes back for a short appearance at number 97. So we see four tracks of Philipp Poisel inside the recent list.

Also the other song performed by the candidate Jean-Michel re-enters the charts. It is Revolverheld’s Halt dich an mir fest recorded with Marta Jandová of Die Happy. The song was a long time seller in 2011. Now it comes back at number 60.

And yet another Top 10 story: Carly Rae Jepsen spends a twentieth week inside the Top 10 and is so far the longest Top 10 runner of the year. Hard on the heels follows I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li which so far collected 18 weeks.

A late summer tune comiong from Austria is gaining more attention. Klangkarussell is a Salzburg based duo. Its track Sonnentanz was released a year ago. It found some first lovers in spring this year and reached broader popularity during the summer. Now a single is full released on CD which gives the track a last boost climbing into the Top 20 in its sixth chart week. In Austria and Switzerland the track also can reach Top 20 status. It is the first Top 20 hit comiong from Austria since two years.

German dance music much more plays the easy and direct way. The Michael Mind Project Feat. Dante Thomas does not experiment a lot. Nothing Lasts Forever sounds like all the last offers of the project. The audience still can deal it–the new single starts at number 40. It is the 12th single so far for Michael Mind–none of them reached ever the Top 10.

The first white/northern soul act from Germany is Leslie Clio. The singer lives in Hamburg and right now released her debut Told You So. The song starts at number 41 but it might have the power of spending some more weeks inside the list.

Silbermond has announced a new single. Immediately the hard core of fans is buying the track in question Ja as an album cut which makes it entering the charts at number 70. Compared to the last single of Silbermond it is quite doubtful seeing the new one rising much further after the release of the single in late October.

Back with new material after a seven years break Joachim Witt has released the single Gloria. A dark song about our complicated life.

Number 1 on the DVD charts is French movie The Intouchables. The main title Una Mattina reaches the song charts though not in its original version played by Ludovico Einaudi. Instead a version played by Swedish Jonas Kvarnström is listed at number 77.

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