29-12 (July 20th 12): Swedish Sound Vs. CRO

Another busy week. 14 new entries–2 songs re-entering the charts. The German audience is looking for new sound. And finds it in the shape of Swedish productions and German rapper CRO. But first things first ...

I Follow Rivers holds firm at the Top of the singles charts in Germany. So LYKKE LI is much more than a one week wonder. The cover by Belgish Triggerfinger flies to number 12 after their performance before the boxing fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Tony Thompson on 7th June. Of course the appearance of Klitschko on TV raises interest again in his entrance song coming from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Can’t Stop has a short visit in the list at the lower end.

Back to the Top again: After releasing a proper video Loreen can rise back to number 2 with her Euphoria which gives Sweden a double at the very Top. Last time two Swedish acts occupied the German singles list right at number 1 and 2 was back 20 years. On September 14th in 1992 the number one was It’s My Life by Dr. Alban, number 2 for a single week was How Do You Do! by Roxette. As the early 90ies were one of the most succesful for Swedish acts we might have right now a renaissance of the Scandinavian country. Actually there are five tracks recorded by Swedish artists inside the current singles list. Last week there were even six tracks plus Flo Rida's Good Feeling which actually bases on track recorded by a Swedish DJ. The newest act coming from Sweden is Jonas Myrin. His song Day Of The Battle enters at number 86.

Sweden is not the only country besides the US and the UK that influences the business these days. Also Switzerland and Canada have a big impact by bringing five tracks each in the list.

A slightly new player on the field of pop exports is Brazil. But Gusttavo Lima is already the second act in 2012 reaching the Top 10. Balada (Tchê tcherere tchê tchê) rises to number 5 this current week.

A final Top 10 story: this week Tage wie diese by Die Toten Hosen spends its 16th week inside the Top 10. It is now the song staying for the longest time that high in 2012. By sliding down to number 7 it is also the lowest rank for the best sold German production since end of march when Leider geil by Deichkind “only” reached number 8.

Tage wie diese leads us direct to the very end of the chart again. Once again a copy version released by Nasty Orange Records can enter the list. It is this time Tage wie diese which can enter the list at number 85.

The star of the week is once again German rapper CRO. His debut album Raop enters easily number 1 of the album charts. From the album also the track Einmal um die Welt (Once Around The World) enters the singles list and is the highest new entry by landing at number 35. It is indeed a very surprising rap pop song with cool rhymes and lyrics celebrating the fun of the moment and praising love much stronger than any money on earth.

At the very lower end also Ein Teil and Nie mehr enter the list.

All in all there are eight of the 12 regular album tracks in the singles list which makes CRO the most visible artist of a single week in whole 2012. A fortnight ago Linkin Park had seven tracks in the list. This mark is broken right now. Last artist invading the weekly charts in that amount was David Guetta in September last year. With nine simultanous single hits coming from a living artist he has the crown in that category. A release of an album also supports the single of Chima. Morgen can jump back to number 29 in the singles list meanwhile Stille enters the album survey at number 22. Single number two from the album Himmel auf (Heaven Open) by Silbermond is FDSMH Für dich schlägt mein Herz (For You My Heart Is Beating). Landing at number 53 it is one of the worst performing singles of the band.

Chart single number three for Chemnitz band Kraftklub is Kein Liebeslied (Not A Lovesong). Although they never wanted the celebrated losers of the young generation now are arrived in Berlin. And a lot of girls is fancying them. Not singing a love song doesn’t help. Poor guys.

Single number three from the album Befehl von ganz unten (Order From Far Below) by Deichkind is Der Mond. After their success Leider geil the new single is a surprising pop song. Probably the band is one of the most non predictable in Germany.

Last new entry: Y’Akoto is a singer living in Hamburg, Bamako and Paris. Her debut album was released in april this year. Third single lifted from this can made it as her single charts debut in the list. Standing at number 100 she is the third act this current year making a debut at the very last position of the list. The song itself is a soulful pop track ranging in the style of Ivy Quainoo. Seems that soul from Germany will become an own genre.

Rising tracks: Wide Awake by Katy Perry finally reaches the Top 50. After their performance in the daily soap Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten (Good Times Bad times) on 6th July The Overtones see their Gambling Man rising again. It lands at number 69 in its 16th chart week.

Adele is a real superstar. After her announcement that she is pregnant sales of her singles are rising again. Someone Like You goes 77–64, Rolling In The Deep makes a 92–72 leap in its 80ths chart week.

Records are broken: Pitbull enters (alongside jay sean) with a 12th song this year–I’m All Yours delivers also the 100th chart week this current year. Both makes him the most active and most visible artist this year. Closest competitor David Guetta tries to follow hard on the heels. There are new remixes announced for his latest single I Can Only Imagine featuring Chris Brown & Lil Wayne. Two weeks before the official release of these mixes the track re-enters the list.

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