03-12: Hits Made By TVOG

A casting show blows several hits in the single’s charts. We do have 13 new entries – 12 of them are related to the show in question. The 13th hit also has support by a TV series. If there were no TV the music industry would still sleep.

And this recent week shows impressively how stars are made. It’s not about clever songwriting or performing in an unbelievably cool way. Not at all. It is all about BEING performed in a casting show. That’s the way how German singer songwriter Philipp Poisel became popular. He had his first success with single and album Wo fängt dein Himmel an? (Where does your heaven start?) in 2008. In 2010 he had even more success mainly albumwise. In October his single Eiserner Steg (Iron [Landing] Stage) made the first significant impact to the charts after prominently provided by the German movie What a Man. But still – number 21 was the end of the line. Now – after that same track was performed by Benny Fiedler at casting show The Voice of Germany – the tracks jumps 100–4 giving the original artist his first appearance at the very top of the single’s list. Simultanously the version of Benny Fiedler is entering the list at number 25 too. It is the first time in German TV and music history that the versions recorded at the show are available officially as a single track. I guess it will change the drive of the show dramaticly as everybody knows right now who is the big favourite of the casting. In the case of TVOG it is Benny Fiedler. How do the fans of other contestants react right now? And is it really about the good voice that one is crowned? Or just a simple act of mobilizing a lot of people via web2.0 applications? – Certain is the fact that the original artist profits much more of an performance than the contestant itself. Comparing both it is hard to decide which one is the more heartful.

The original by Philipp Poisel and the version by Benny Fiedler

Meeting Philipp Poisel at number 4 marks the end of an seven weeks abstinence of German songs in the Top 5. The last seen that high was Rammstein’s Mein Land at the end of November.

Same story for a song that is famous already but never made it into the German charts. I’m talking ’bout radiohead’s debut Creep which was a Top 10 hit in the United Kingdom in 1992. In the Friday issue of the show Michael Schulte sang the song. His version enters the charts at number 62 – 12 ranks above him the original comes in and gives British Radiohead their highest place ever reached in Germany. It is only their fourth track that can hit the German charts – the last one appeared eight years ago. So this is the very first come back of the year – caused by a casting show.

I guess you all know the original – this is the version from the show

The show enabled a lot of other tracks to enter the charts (again). Sorted by popularity Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du) (I Don’t Know Anything (As Beautiful As You)) is the big gainer. The track was performed by Xavier Naidoo and his candidates during the voting. The original recording from 2003 was number one for a single week in June that year. According to different sources the track collected already 29 to 36 chart weeks – actually it had several chart runs since it’s original appearance and probably is one of Xavier Naidoo’s signature tracks. Last time it was seen in the lists was back in 2010 when it had a four weeks run reaching number 47. Now it re-enters at an impressing number 20 – the highest rank since its first chart run in 2003.

Rea Garvey opened the show one day later with his candidates by performing his recent hit Can’t Stand The Silence. As an effect the single jumps back up the charts 69–46 in its 18th chart week.

The performance at TvoG: Ich kenne nichts Team Xavier / Can’t Stand The Silence Team Rea

10 of the 24 contestants can reach a rank in the charts. Leading the pack is – as I told before – Benny Fiedler at 25. Percival and Behnam Moghaddam follow with their takes on Hedonism originally recorded by Skunk Anansie in 1997 and The Sound Of Silence. The first one was the only proper hit for Skunk Anansie. Now it comes in at 40 in the new version. The Sound Of Silence was a hit for Simon & Garfunkel in 1966 when it reached number 9. The song is back at number 41.

Further contestants arriving: at 70 Max Giesinger with the Coldplay song Fix You – originally released in 2005 reaching number 65 back then. Mic Donet performed Ain’t No Sunshine and gives the famous song its second chart appearance of all time. Only once in 1998 the US American band 4 the Cause brought its version into the list at number 52. The original by Bill Whiters never charted in Germany. Rüdiger Skoczowsky had to leave the show after his first live performance – the audience loved his version of Without You anyway. It can enter at number 80 – the original by David Guetta feat. USHER still holds at number 16.

The most loved girl/woman of the two shows was Jasmin Graf. Her version on Wovon sollen wir träumen climbs to number 81 – the more pop oriented original by Frida Gold already is 41 weeks in the charts rising softly 55–51 this week. Seeing the ladies entering only at the end of the survey underlines the old rule: Gents are the big deal in casting shows – they do have tons of female fans who spend money on downloads and whatsoever and they love to call several times for their adored idol. The male audience is much more reserved. They probably would go crazy airing a soccer casting.

Katja Friedenberg also is in the charts. Her interpretation of Adele’s Turning Tables stops at 86 – probably she was disadvantaged by choosing an almost unknown song. We will watch her in one weeks time.

The last candidate who turns into a chart act is Dominic Sanz. He performed With Or Without You known in the version by Irish U2. Like Rüdiger Skoczowsky also Dominic Sanz had to leave the show – probably his chart career ends before it really started with a number 98 rank.
Please find the videos of all the performances at the official TvoG-Site

Of course not only the songs of the candidates made a remarkable impact to the survey. Also the songs presented in between got a small push. The new Snow Patrol single This Isn’t Everything You Are enters after the band performed in the show. Coming in at number 52 it isn’t the really big start. So a performance in the show isn’t an immediately given hit. That had to accept Söhne Mannheims too. They performed – including juror Xavier Naidoo their latest single hit Für dich (For You) – only clinging on at number 65.

The only new entry not related with The Voice of Germany this week is culcha candela’s new single Wildes Ding (Wild Thing). It lands at number 12. If there were only one person left finding the Berlin multicultural band innovative – this recent release should immmediately stop that kind of ideas. The track is a proper hit produced single lending all the key catchers of past hits – in the end you listen to a softened version of Atzen Pop successful a year ago. The lyrics are about the male dreams of a perfect woman. And – surprise surprise – it is a princess that turns into a vamp at night. No wonder the track was chosen for being the title track of just started TV show Dschungelcamp which has unbelievably high rates.

At the very top there is nothing new. Gotye stands a fourth week there. Somebody That I Used To Know is the first single since Rihanna’s We Found Love that does so. Of course Rihanna took three runs at Number 1 for collecting four weeks. The last song holding at least four consecutive weeks as the best sold single was New Age by Marlon Roudette in autumn past year.
Michel Teló is still on the rise with his Nooosssaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego! gaining 3 places and stopping at number 2. Will the football anthem reach number 1 in teh next days? According to most recent iTunes lists it will. That might be the first Brazilian number 1 in Germany.

With the invasion of German artists the density of German productions at the upper end increases. We do have four German productions inside the Top 20 – that sounds much, although back in October there were four porductions alone inside the Top 10. Right now there is a strong demand in songs in German. The four German songs inside the Top are sung in German – end of october we’ve seen a similar presence but none of the tracks were inside the Top 10.

German language always has a heighth when Après Ski season is coming up – meaning we face the usual stupid hits sneaking through the charts. This week Markus Becker enters the list with a rework of his last single Heli-Heli Helikopter. For the Après Ski version Markus Becker invited Austrian Marco Mzee of The Mountain Brothers to join him. The new version can be found at number 67 – the video might show you what the party is about.

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