X Factor finalists charting

Lana Del Rey again leads the survey. It seems almost certain that Video Games – Blue Jeans will stay at the top for the next days – very probably for Christmas time too. Even the rest of the Top 5 this week holds firm at past week’s position. Let’s call it (pre-)Christmas lazyness. More or less we witness that behaviour every year in December: well known hits rise again – new ones start slowly.

Let’s have a look at the new hits first. The highest new entry comes in at position 8. It is P!NK and her song Bridge Of Light for the movie Happy Feet 2. Just behind her the story of the week lands. It is about the end of the second season of X Factor. Winner is policeman David Pfeffer from Duisburg who won all public votes except the very first one. Somehow it was certain to see him taking the crown and the contract. His first hit is I’m Here which he performed at the final show also. The track immediately flies to number 10 on downloads only – CD sales will count from next week on. To beat the success of last year’s winner Edita (Abdieski) the singer needs to climb a position higher.By the way, do you remember the „huge“ career of Edita? Her debut I’ve Come To Life shot straight to number 9 and left the charts six weeks later. A second single called The Key was released in March stalling at number 51. In June she went on Clubtour. Since than nothing new heard ’bout her . Hopefully David Pfeffer will have much more luck. A next goal might be to beat Cello as the most popular German track, which sits pretty at number 9.

Runners up of the show is also in sales the second. Raffaela Wais offers a sweet pop song called Heaven Only Knows. I guess if another well known act would have recorded that track it would be a sure Top 10 hit. With nr.2 of the X Factor final as a singer it only can climb to 41.

Number 3 is the duo Nica & Joe – their operatic Build A Palace reaches number 54 right after the show. Nica (Veronika Belyavskaya) is already the second Polish act reaching the German charts in 2011. Three weeks ago it was Edward Simoni who entered the list alongside Christian Franke. I can’t remember any other Polish act with commercial success in Germany. Well, Itchyban – singer of Culcha Candela – is Polish. Anyway it seems the neighbour country of Germany finally makes the impact to the music market it deserves.

Further new material comes from SCOOTER. The band sends its 48th chart single in the competition. It is the fourth single taken from the album The Big Mashup and it is the fourth single in a row which sets a new negative record for the band. Friends Turbo, The Only One and David Doesn’t Eat all three charted lower and lower. Now it is track C’est Bleu that performs even worse. It enters in its first week on sale at a disappointing number 77. The Big Mashup is the least successfull album ever for SCOOTER in hit single terms. Probably their star is really sinking. Hardcore fans had to wait for the next album to prove that SCOOTER might have any chart power .

The track itself uses the refrain of the very familiar tune L’amour Est Bleu which made Greek-German singer Vicky Leandros internationally popular in 1967. She attempted with the song at the Eurovision Song Contest ending at the fourth place. (Winner song that year was Puppet On A String by Sandie Shaw) In Germany L’amour est bleu was the fourth chart hit for Vicky Leandros reaching number27. Five years later she won the contest with Aprés Toi. After that success she had some hits in Germany including the number 1 single Theo, wir fahr’n nach Lodz (Theo, let’s go to Lodz).Since the end of the 70s she appeared only a few times inside the single’s charts. The last single reaching the list was Xavier Naidoo penned Möge der Himmel (Heaven should) two and a half year ago.

L’amour est bleu was a hit in two versions before. Paul Mariat recorded an instrumental one that became number 1 in the U.S.A. In Germany the record reached number 32. Now – 43 years later – the tune is back in people’s mind. I assume a completely new generation is discovering the track never before heard of it.

The original from 1967

Two further new hits worth mentioning arrive in the list. At position 51 the Christmas offering by DJ Ötzi lands. Ring The Bell is a song with English lyrics – I don’t know for what. It is simple as always ... for all the older people ...

If you like strange stories here is one: Brasilian Michel Teló is entering the German charts. His hit Nooossaa! Ai Se Eu Te Pego became famopus by a youtube video which shows soccer star Neymar dancing to the track in a locker room. In October it charted in Spain and Italy (number 1 in both countries) after Ronaldo adopted the Nooossaa! move.Now also German soccers love to dance to the sound of Ai Se Eu Te Pego and the original track charts at number 66.

The Brasilian original + The German adoption

I wrote about strong re-appearing or re-rising hits at the end of the year. This week they come after Die ultimative Chartshow was broadcasted on December 2nd. One of the live performers was Marlon Roudette – his number 1 hit New Age jumps again 24–12 and is the biggest gainer of the show. I promise you the next weeks will see much more other live performer of all the hits of the year shows.

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