New German Releases Appear

Once again Rihanna serves the top single of the week. We Found Love holds the third week there – it is now the second longest stand for a Rihanna-track at the top. The crown of being the most durable Nr.1 goes to Umbrella that had a five weeks run at the top in June 2007.

I was talking 'bout fading German releases last week. This week everything changes rapidly by the latest single releases from Udo Lindenberg’s and culcha candela. Let's start with veteran singer who is very successful with his MTV unplugged – Live aus dem Hotel Atlantic album. The song in question – Cello – was originally released in 1973 with the album Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria (Everything's going right at Andrea Doria). Although it became the most popular song of the album besides the title track it was never released as a single. Now it enters the list at number 4 giving Udo Lindenberg the highest chart place ever as a solo artist. So far Sonderzug nach Pankow (Special Train Service To Pankow – Pankow is a quarter within the eastern part of Berlin) from 1983 – a cover version of Chattanooga Choo Choo with political cold war lyrics – held that crown by reaching number 5. Only once Udo Lindenberg saw himself higher in the singles’ ranking. It was in 1985 when the benefit projekt Band für Afrika he was joining climbed to number 3 in Germany.

Naming Udo Lindenberg as one of the most famous German artists today refers almost only to his album releases. The new version of Cello is only the third single that can reach Top 10 status. That's quite strange due to the fact that a lot of his songs (including Cello) are enormously popular.

Duetting partner at Cello is singer Clueso. His biggest hits so far were Keinen Zentimeter (Not A Single Centimeter) in 2008 and Gewinner (Winner) in 2009 that reached number 15 and 21. The collaboration with the senior star gives the young man from Erfurt his first ever Top 10 hit and probably a chance to reach a bigger audience. The album list already saw Clueso twice close to the top. As an effect of his performance side by side with Udo Lindenberg one of his very first singles is back in the list. chicago from 2006 appears for a week at position 100.

14 places behind Lindenberg/clueso another German act enters the list. culcha candela promotes its fifth studio album named Flätrate (you already guessed what it means) by releasing the single Hungry Eyes. It is another song about the female vamp searching for helpless men. Strange phantasies the boys hanging on … so far the mainstream audience is attracted by sound and story …

Let's mention here the third best sold German song of the week. It is a known one hanging around the upper ranks for several weeks. This recent issue Glasperlenspiel with ECHT drops 14–19.

There is a high new entry in Germany with prospects of climbing much further and becoming a huge hit. Swedish producer/DJ Tim Bergling/AVICII launches his hit Levels even before it is offically released in Germany. The big download portals like amazon list Levels as available from 20th November on. The actual list dated 18th November covers sales between 4th and 10th November. This list shows the track as new entry at position 6. I guess it clearly underlines amazon's role at the dance market. I find it quite worthful watching how sales develope after 20th November.

Full Radio Edit:

Further down the charts two new German productions appear. First of all the digital version of Rio De Janeiro enters the list. The new track offered by the Michael Mind Project refers to well known sound mixing the style of DJ Antoine and Benny Benassi. The vocals come from Bobby Anthony & Rozette – both absolutely unknown to German audience. Let’s wait two more weeks when physical single sales also count. Than we can decide whether this track is a hit or just a medium dance production.

Fans of Oktoberfest hits might not be depressed – next carnival season knocks at the door with approaching 11th November. A few days before that date Cologne band HÖHNER released a new single. 6 bis 8 Stunden Schlaf (6 to 8 hours sleep) is exactly that – a carnival anthem to lazy times. Probably it will disappear after two or three weeks and re-appear later in February, than for sure with much more power.

The Supertalent story of the week is 15 years old Felicitas Franke. She performed on 5th November at the show a song from Amanda Marshall. Let It Rain is an almost unknown song in Germany. It rised to number 73 only in 1996. After the performance at the supertalent show the song re-enters the list at number 90. For a track from the 90s it is an impressive feat.

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