Aura Dione – The Next Big Superstar?

A surprisingly new Number 1 leads the chart of this week. Danish singer Aura Dione can gain the chart crown in Germany for a second time in her career . Geronimo is the first single taken from her upcoming album Before The Dinosaurs which is produced by names like David Jost (Tokio Hotel and Keri Hilson) and Rick Nowels (Madonna, Nelly Furtado and Colbie Caillat). A precisely planned campaign joins the release of the album: the airplay started a few weeks before, a new website was launched and – very untypically – the video is not released yet. All these facts caused a strong interest in the new single making it fly to a record. It is so far the fastest sold single not coming from a casted act in 2011.

The second number 1 for Aura Dione makes her one of the most successfull Danish acts of all times. Only once before a Danish singer reached the Top in Germany twice. It was Gitte Haenning in 1963. – In 2011 Aura Dione is the fourth act that re-enters the number 1 position with a new hit. The difference to Lady Gaga, Rihanna and The Black Eyed Peas is that those all already had three Number 1 hits before 2011. So Aura Dione is still on the way of becoming a megaselling superstar. Funny trivia besides: The Danish singer took the longest break from being Number 1 of all the acts rebounding to number 1 – almost 2 years. Probably Europeans are more calmed down in their release schedule than Americans …

Geronimo von Aura Dione

One of the longest active German rappers is back at position 14. Berlin Kool Savas started his career in the very early 90s. He only once had broader mainstream success when he was collaborating with Azad in 2005. Although he was very productive since than releasing four different albums, the interest in his work somehow faded away. Now he is back with a new album called Aura – the title track is available as a download single since 21st of October. The strong entry – it is the second highest position Kool Savas ever reached – shows the way how that senior rapper really can attract masses. The track itself is a kind of a self-assertion mixing an combatant attitude with a semi spiritual believe. In times of non controllable systems and crisis people seem finding a constant in their lifes and values in that strange melange.

As an effect of his performance at latest X Factor (25th Oktober) James Morrison manages finally to climb up the list. I Won’t Let You Go rises 22–15 reaching a new peak. It is quite strange seeing the song Top 10 almost everywhere in Europe except in Finland, Belgium and Germany.

The second casting show on German TV also brings tracks back up in the charts. Two rises are really significant.
Most loved contestant was for sure Sascha Miskovic performing The Kill (Bury Me) vocally and at the piano. The song was originally recorded by Thirty Seconds To Mars. It was the first chart hit of the band in Germany climbing to number 58 in 2007. Now the song shoots back to number 36 giving the band the second highest position they ever reached in Germany.

Audience’s darling number 2 was for sure Dergin Tokmak. Since his childhood Dergin is physically disabled – at the show he performed as an acrobatic dancer to Don’t Stop The Party by The Black Eyed Peas. The track is back in the list at number 60. Further TV influence can be found in the recent list. British singer The Good Natured slowly becomes popular in Germany. Her song Skeleton is used as a background tune for a Deichmann commercial. The track rises 83–68 in its third chart week. Finally I have to mention the second German new entry for this week. It is Roger Cicero with his new single In diesem Moment (At This Moment). The track is featuring his upcoming same tiitled new album. As a hit single the track can’t really catch fire. Itonly reaches position 97.

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