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Is there anything else than David Guettamania going on in the official German chart? Yes – at least a few moverscan be watched.

There are two tracks inside the Top 10 with rising sales. At number 3 Moves Like Jagger by MAROON 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera and at number 5 Loca People (What The F**k!) by Spanish DJ Sak Noel. Both are new available on CD now and it is very certain seeing there next weeks hanging around the top. Latter one is already the most successfull hit coming from Spain since Las Ketchup hit the top for seven weeks in autumn 2002.
The longest running Top 10 hit this week is the longest running of the whole year. JLO feat. Pitbull spent 25 weeks so far with On The Floor inside the Top 10. Last track doing so was Gossip’s Heavy Cross which spent 27 weeks under the best 10 in 2009/2010.

A significant jump does The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie by the Red Hot Chili Peppers which is supported by the Number 1 rush of the album and can reach number 20. It is only the fourth hit for the Peppers in their almost 20 years long chart career that can climb into the Top 20. Their last appearance there was in 2006 with Dani California and Snow (Hey Oh) – latter the most successfull ever climbing to number 5.

Bouncing up and down is ZAZ with her hit je veux. Since March thesingle is on sale ranking all the time somewhere between rank 24 and 70. Last big impact came by a performance at Mario Barth’s show broadcasted on TV in July. Now she is visiting some bigger festivals in Germany and taking the audience. It makes her flying back up the list to number 22. The highest place she ever gained – in whole Europe. Even in her home country France she only climbed to position 34 earlier this year. She reaches her peak in her 26th chart week. It is the longest way for a track reaching its peak this year.

Lower down the list we can witness the influence of recent TV shows. Main impact comes by a show that was broadcasted for the second (or third?) time: Die ultimative Chartshow featuring the most successfull pop piano hits. The show -– in original one and a half year old – was aired again at Friday 26th August. Leading the survey Everything I Do I Do It For You by Bryan Adams. Most loved song chosen by the audience 2011 is Mad World performed in the show by Michael Andreas featuring Gary Jules. The track listed at number 14 at the Chartshow re-appears in the official German list at number 57 -– which is pretty high. I guess another TV appearance helped the track rising up the list. A few days after the Chartshow – on Tuesday 30th August – Germany’s X Factor started ist new season. A candidate with more perspectives in the show seems 19 years old Martin Madeja. He sang very heartfull and convincing Mad World too. (If you’re interested in watching the videos of the performances you have to go to X Factor’s homepage )

Other re-discovered hits by the Chartshow are number 15 Sunchyme by British act Dario G that also was performing at the show – and a very surprising Just More by German band Wonderwall listed at number 13.

Norwegian band Katzenjammer (Depression/Hangover) starts its life as a singles act in Germany. Their I Will Dance (When I Walk Away) is lifted from the recent album A Kiss Before You Go. The single can enter the German list at 62 -– it appears here earlier than in their home country Norway.

German productions
No change under the most loved songs. Still Tim Bendzko is best selling German artist. His single Nur noch kurz die Welt retten slides down 5–6. Same direction for Still by Jupiter Jones – it goes 17–18. Third best German single comes from Andreas Bourani: Nur in meinem Kopf.

A new single arrives from Fabian Buch. He produces music professionally little more than a year. Last year he started his career with three singles – non of them climbed higher than number 51. After a 10 months break new single Turn Off The Lights is available. Normally such a come back should receive more attention – in the case of Fabian Buch it reaches for position 77. Not really a hit – not really bad. Looks strange to me that his homepage doesn’t mention the new single neither. Something goes completely wrong here.

And finally Ella Endlich is back. If you expect some new material this new single will be disappointing. It is a re-edition of her one and only hit (under the name Ella Endlich) Küss mich, halt mich, lieb mich (Kiss Me, Hold Me, Love Me) including an acoustic version. Ella Endlich had some new releases in the last months – though none of them really could catch fire. Her new album is announced for later in September.

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