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It is the Amy Winehouse week. After her death her tracks also in Germany storms back into the list. You Know I'm No Good can even reach a new peak ...
But it is a Russian-Swiss collaboration that really wrote headlines. DJ Antoine vs. Timati feat. Kalenna rise 12–6 with Welcome To St. Tropez giving all three a first Top 10 hit at all. It is the highest position a Russian artist claimed since All The Things She Said by Russian girl duo t.A.T.u. occupied Number 1 in 2003. Swiss acts are much more present in German charts – the last one climbing number 6 or higher was Stefanie Heinzmann in 2008.

Are you interested in what are the most successful German tracks?
Well – have a look at last week or the week before. They are the same: Tim Bendzko (position 2), Jupiter Jones (14) and Frida Gold (22).

A new German production lands at position 46. It is Laserkraft 3D that can launch a second hit after their 2010 smash Nein, Mann (No, Dude). The new track Weightless shows a completely change in style – it is electronic sound as well, but sounds much more punk (or rock) like than their first hit.Instead of well known spoken lyrics style singer Tim Hoffmann is indeed singing.That’s much confusion – but probably it is the right way to avoid the lifelong comparison with their signature track from last year. Although I doubt that Weightless can rise much higher than its entry position number 46.

Another club track comes in at 58. It is Austrian team Darius & Finlay (actually it is a trio) that can launch a seventh hit in Germany. Here comes the night is a stadium electro track – very similar to a lot of other club tracks. Probably the refrain hookline is something one can really identify the track. They only made it once to the upper half of the charts – this attempt so far also fails.

A naive song coming from France enters very low down at number 92. Lolita or as she is named for German speaking market Lolita Jolie is adoring a Jolie Garçon. The funny thing around the track is, that Lolita Jolie pretends to be German … That might explain why the track comes in a bunch of different mixes – all from German DJs. Since start of July the track is available as a digital download single – now it is released on CD as well and the interest and fun has reached anamount for ranking inside the Top 100.

Last new track entering the German charts comes from Swedish Firefox AK known to her mother as Andrea Kellerman. As singer of Tiger Lou she already had a few releases under her belt. Boom Boom Boom is her first release gaining popularity in Germany.

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