It's Holiday Time in Germany's Music Industry

It is an embarrassing chart week to be watched at. German holiday season starts and the music industry is completely out of office. No big releases – just a hope that old hits will sell more and more. What a silly policy.

The top end of the list sees well known hits. Alexandra Stan spends a second week at number one with Mr. Saxobeat. It is the eighth number one hit with at least two weeks at the top spot in a row. Last year we had nine such nr.1 tracks – a feat probably to be equlled or even broken soon.

Highest new entry is Pures Gold (Pure Gold) offered by DSDS contestant Norman Langen. Highest meaning here: number 69 – it is far and away the lowest „highest new entry“ this year. Only EMINEM performed worse at 07. January when he re-entered the list with Not Afraid. The last real new track entering the charts lower as Norman Hagen was James Brown with a remix of Sex Machine at the first issue of 2007 which is so far the third lowest „highest new entry“ of all times.

Norman Langen is the third contestant of this year’s DSDS season who offers an own release and manages entering the charts. It is quite unusual seeing releases that fast coming – in former years all contestants had to wait a year before they were allowed having an own contract and proper releases. This policy seems to be changed. I guess the big companies behind DSDS are searching heavily for ways to milk their almost dead concept. Or how would you call the fact that the seventh of the show can offer an awkward Mallorca Schlager only a few weeks after the end of the show?

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