chart flash 11-23: Why is Pietro Lombardi still at the top?

We’re facing an absolutely bizarre situation. Although superstar Pietro Lombardi doesn’t play any significant role neither in airplay nor in digital sales charts (iTunes: nr.10 on Fr 27th of May; number 18 on Thu 2nd of June; amazon digital number 12; musicload sees number 10; mp3.saturn sees also number 10) and even the physical sales at amazon only list a number 112 – but media control reports today having his debut single Call My Name at number 1 for the fourth time. The Swiss charts recently are doubted of compiled regularly. What’s about the German ones. Do they really reflect consumption within Germany? Well – there is that speciality of media control’s official German charts. They list not thwe most sold tracks but the tracks that gained most amount of money – so cheaper mp3s/Cds count less than the ones much more expensive.

Anyway: Pietro Lombardi is only the fourth super star winner who can get a four weeks run at the top. If not freshly released Jedward single or the new track of Shakira feat. Pitbull have the power of shooting to number 1 Pietro does have the real chance of getting the superstar with the longest stay at the German top. The recent iTunes list is promising exactly that. Let’s just wait another week...
Having the five weeks run of On The Floor followed by Call My Name for four weeks we now face a situation last seen in summer 2010 when Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) had a six weeks run followed by We No Speak Americano that occupied the top spot for seven weeks.

Highest new entry of the week is The Lazy Song offered by Bruno Mars. It is his third top 10 single in a row – all charted within the past eight months. Bruno Mars also is the one and only act having three Top 10 hits in 2011 so far. With 22 weeks inside the top 10 he is far and away the best performing act so far this year. The Lazy Song actually starts at number 9.

Best new German track is Nur noch kurz die Welt retten (Just have to save the world). It is – again – a new comer who offered the song. Tim Bendzko later this month releases his debut album titled Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären (If I had words to speak/communicate) – for sure this debut will made a strong impact in the charts.

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