Chart flash 11-19: Jessie J finally arrives + a dance tracks battle

Nothing more boring than an old number one. The press information of media control today is offering exactly this. The number one of the sales week 29th April to 5th May. But everybody knows the new number one of the week just right now going on. It will be Pietro Lombardi the winner of Germany’s casting show DSDS who was voted last Saturday. – I will tell you more next week.

First we have to check the week before Pietro was the new superstar. It was the time when JLO feat. Pitbull ruled everything. They both together had the power of spending a fifth week at the German top spot with On The Floor . It is also unlikely seeing the couple returning to the top. The next event is knocking at the door right now and we will witness a battle DSDS vs. Eurovision Song Contest in seven days time for sure. The battle just started within the press.

Highest new entry storms the list on download sales only. Jessie J feat. B.o.B’s Price Tag was a number 1 hit in the UK already in February. Finally the single is released in Germany also and jumps right to number 3. It is the breakthrough for Jessie J. who had a first medium hit with Do It Like A Dude a month ago. B.o.B now hits the German Top 10 for the second time. His Airplanes featuring Hayley Williams spent two weeks at number 8 in October last year. Usually the physical release causes a boost in sales and a jump within the list. In the case of Price Tag increased sales from 6th May on might led to number 3 again … the company somehow suffers from bad timing in its release schedule.

Two dance floor tracks enter the charts this recent week. The more successful is Party Rock Anthem offered by US American LMFAO – I would name the project as one of the craziest and toughest electro party acts today. The anthem enters the list at number 7. The German definition of party – or let’s take it as the definition of 10 years ago – climbs to number 22 in the figure of Groove Coverage. The project still does nothing else than taking old hits and recording them in a new version including a dance floor beat. With Angeline they really show courage. The original called Lotosblume by German Schlager group Die Flippers found its way to the charts in 1989 and reached number 23. It was at that time a hit attracting mostly elder people. Groove Coverage now tries to convert the melody for a younger audience. I really doubt that it works very well … LMFAO seems much more alive and innovative than Groove Coverage.

Angeline by Groove Coverage

The original version by Die Flippers (remixed somewhen in the 2000s)

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