Flash 11-14: No news at all

Nothing so boring like a non changing top of the chart. Bruno Mars sits still at the top spot with his grenade. It is the sixth week having that track the most sold one in Germany. With Lady Gaga still occupying No.2 we have a fifth week with grenade and Born This Way holding firm at 1 & 2. Seeing Sunrise Avenue and their hollywood hills climbing back to No.3 the trio is complete like two and three weeks ago when all the tracks were the most sold in Germany already – actually in a different order.

Not only the very top appears almost static. Even further down the list the big change does not take place.
Best new track comes with the new release of Snoop Dogg. His Sweat remixed by French DJ David Guetta lands on digital sales at No.19. The rapper last heard in a guest role on Katy Perry’s California Gurls is back as a solo/main artist in the German Top 20 after a three years break. His last single Sensual Seduction rose to No.15. The French DJ accompanying him brings a sixth track in the charts of this year. He continues his series of Top 20 hits which now takes almost two years – only interrupted by the No39-track Louder Than Words charting back in August last year .

The track Sweat itself is built around the hook line of Don’t You Want Me – a No.2 dance track for British producer Francis Wright known as Felix. Once again the good old 90s Eurodance sound is the base for a recent chart hit of an US star. Take it for sure the track will jump next week the list when the complete CD release sales take into account.
Bizarrely the track is released as a single in Europe only. The US sees the T-Pain collaboration Boom rising as the first take from the upcoming album Doggumentary.

The original hookline from 1992 done by Felix

The best CD start comes by Take That which sees their new single Kidz entering the list at 20. It is the first time ever that a release has bigger success in Germany than in their home country the UK.

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