Diva Battle

It was a hard fight between superstar of today and a superstar of the days ten years ago. The winner is: good old JLO. For the first time in her career she tops the German chart. The track in question is the for her untypical euro dance track On The Floor.It took the diva almost 12 years to reach the top position. Same result in most of the other countries of central Europe. On The Floor is the first No.1 JLO single in Austria and France too. The last act finding its way to the German mainstream that late was German band Rammstein which topped the chart 12 and a half year after it appeared first in the list. That was in October 2009.

JLO’s companion on the track US/Cuban rapper Pitbull managed having a No.1 hit within 4 years. That’s not really fast but much earlier than the highly advertised RnB-diva. Finally with On The Floor a track goes back to the top which did so 22 years ago.Lambada in original recorded by French project Kaoma was a huge success in late 1989. Now it is back in people’s mind still fascinating the whole world.

Climbing 6–1 JLO feat. Pitbull is the first act jumping at the top position from outside the Top 5 since Lena did so last year after her success at the Eurovision song contest. In case of JLO the jump up to No.1 was caused by the performance of the last six contestants of German DSDS (Deutschland sucht den Superstar – Germany’s take on Idol). JLO thanked master of the show Dieter Bohlen with a video kiss already for the big support. – And now let’s dance!

The DSDS Top 6 version

Looser of the race at the top this week was Rihanna. Her S & M climbed 5 – 2 stalling narrowly behind JLO. The lady collecting most chart weeks this year so far is also the one spent most weeks inside the German Top 10 in the last two years. Her recent track is already her 15th inside the Top 10 and the third this year alone. Four times she found herself at No.2 ,three times she went to No.1 – probably the young lady is generous enough to see JLO overround her for once.

Another euro dance remake track jumps up the list. Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta make their way up to No.6 in their second chart week. Sweat is what we should name as the best CD reelase of the week. It is the sixth Top 10 hit for both. Rapper Snoop Dogg saw No3 twice: in 2005 in companion with Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake and the hit Signs and lasz year on the side of Katy Perry and her California Gurls. Meanwhile the French DJ is a little more successful (especially the last two years) having already a No.1 hit under his belt with Sexy Bitch. He is one of the very few European stars who can launch regularly Top hits (often in companion with American stars).

The huge US American invasion on the German chart is completed by Katy Perry ft. Kanye West who vault with E.T. 17–10 giving Katy Perry a fifth Top 10 hit in a row – all launched within little more than a year. There is only one artist performing better: the one and only Rihanna.
Kanye West instead is a rare guest in the top of the German charts. E.T. is only the third track on which he appears as an artist. The biggest hit to date was American Boy alongside Estelle which went No.5 in 2008.

There is a European hit growing slowly: Caro Emerald hits the Top 20 finally with her hit A Night Like This. It is the seventh chart week for the track which kept growing since its first appearance. This week it holds firm at 18 and probably we will see her rising next week further cause the song was featured within the DSDS show on 9th April.

The German hits

Good news: The two highest new entries are from German acts.
Bad news: Cassandra Steen only manages jumping to 39 which is the lowest best new entry this year so far. Her song Gebt alles (Give everything) is the first release from her upcoming album Mir so nah (Close To Me). It is a very soulful single – Cassandra Steen once again underlines her status as the No.1 female voice of German soul.

Eight places behind Cassandra Steen band Frida Gold land their second hit Wovon sollen wir träumen (Of what we should dream about) starts only one rank lower than their debut Zeig mir wie du tanzt (Show Me How You Dance) in December last year. It is another good mood singalong song. IMO they only need a little more support by some mainstream media and they will have huge success.

In the week of the German–English-Battle at DSDS the most successful German single still is Strobo Pop by Die Atzen mit NENA (No.14) not featured in the show. Newcomer band Jupiter Jones now rank with the ballad Still as the second most sold German track rising 30–23 . The band is just now on tour through Germany – probably its quality on stage causes sales of the single as well.
Third track within the German only ranking isBerlin City Girl by culcha candela (32–25).

German TV and the chart
The big hit maker on TV this week is DSDS. The motto of the show on 2nd April was „German vs. English“. The winner in chart terms is English – had anybody really thought it could be otherwise?
We told it already – the no.1 is a clear effect of the show. Second winner and huge jumper in the chart is Leona Lewis. Her Run (actually everybody should know the original is from Snow Patrol) climbs back the list for the ...fourth (??) time. I really don’t understand how this effect works. Anybody who somehow is attracted by the song should have it on his or her mp3 player. The song is one of the all time favourite in casting shows – it is heard a hundred times in different versions. Although every time one sings Run in a show like DSDS the track jumps back. Do people really erase the tracks on their player that fast? Well – Run is back at 29. It is the 58th chart week for the track. At the DSDS show it was sung by Sarah Engels who still is in the show.

Also Sarah’s German song enters the chart as the highest German track of the show. Symphonie is originally recorded by Silbermond. The track is back at 75.

Given TV support but from a completely different edge caused the sudden new entry of Andreas Gabalier. He’s a young Austrian artist playing very folcloristic Schlager. In his home country he has success since two years – two Top 5 albums and three singles inside the Austrian Top 20 is the result so far. Last autumn I sing a Liad für di (I Sing A Song For You) entered the Austrian Top 10 . On 2nd April he was guest at Carmen Nebel’s personal show live in Klagenfurt followed by 6 million people. The young star made the audience in Klagenfurt as crazy as the folks in front of the screen. I sing a Liad für di enters the chart on downloads only – a single release is not scheduled in Germany. Maybe the entry at 65 will change the plans of his company.

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