week 11-11: The new digital aera arrives

Oops – never think the music market is a boring and predictable thing. A week ago I was telling you that Bruno Mars will for sure be #1 this week again … two days ago the chart compiling institute media control announced in an extra press release a completely different story. We do have a new #1. Not only a new #1 but a #1 by digital sales only for the very first time. The artist gaining this record is Lady Gaga . Her recent track Born This Way is rising four places to the top spot in its fourth chart week after the release of the video on 2nd March in Germany (the US premiere was on 28th February). One could say MTV and the whole music television is dead – video aint. The public interest around the visual translation of the track was huge, supported by a lot of media hype. For German music companies this is a lesson: music clips are important for selling records (or music files). Hopefully the big ones now stop their stupid policy of avoiding platforms like youtube et al.

Born This Way is Lady Gaga’s fourth #1. She is the second act in this still fresh year having its fourth top hit. The Black Eyed Peas did so at the very beginning with their offering The Time (Dirty Bit). Lady Gaga might not be the first one doing so this year, but she is one of the fastest. Exactly two years ago she entered the top position for the first time with Poker Face. The last act having four #1 hits within two years was German Tokio Hotel. They needed 1 year and 5 months. Tokio Hotel also was the last act having #1 hits in three consecutive years – this feat now is matched by La Gaga.

Funny trivia beside this: Lady Gaga is the third act in a row reaching the top position in the 4th chart week. Incident or a new rule?

The week 4th to 10th March which is the actual period for the recent chart was a week of change. The second climber up to #3 comes from Finnish Sunrise Ave. Their hollywood hills finally reach the top positions now matching their success in early 2007 Fairytale Gone Bad.

Ulrike Altig of media control said due to the new digital #1: „There is a new aera beginning.“ She’s absolutely right. And finally the German companies recognise this. UNIVERSAL – one of the real big ones – tried out for the first time releasing the digital release a full month before the CD release is scheduled with the new Enrique Iglesias track Tonight (I’m Loving You). The effect: Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris & DJ Frank E does have the highest new entry in the German charts. The track is rising up to #12 by donwload sales only. The full physical release comes on 1st April. It is the second euro dance release by Enrique. As the predecessor I Like You the new one enters at #12 – and I guess we will have the track soon inside the Top 10.

The best new entry with a full physical release comes from USHER whose MORE enters the list at #17. After his big hit DJ Got Us Falling In Love which climbed up to #5 this track has kind of a low start.

And finally for now another „new aera“ entry. Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto released a solo EP. As a single cut one could download track number four I Wrote The Book which enters the list at #30. The holy new aera – in other countries tit began almost three or four years ago. Germany doesn’t seem to be the most innovative country right now.

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