11-07: Bruno Mars is No.1 + German chart specifics

Germany has a new No.1. And that’s no surprise. After full CD release Bruno Mars sets up his song grenade right at the top of the media control single chart. He’s the latest artist crowning his career with a German no.1. Compared to others he seems to be one who will have this luck again sooner or later. Right in this moment a lot of people are considering him the next big superstar. No music fan around who had no heard ’bout him. Everybody seems familiar with his style. In fact nine months ago nobody had known a man called Bruno Mars. His first appearance within the German chart is dated back to beginning of June when he was the companion on B.o.B.’s Nothin’ On You – a median hit here present the summer time. In September Bruno Mars appaered again. This time alongside with Travie McCoy which hit Billionaire performed slightly better within the charts. Real music specialists recognised Bruno Mars’ role on the solo release of Cee-Lo Green’s F**k You which is still crowding the list. But the main break happened with it’s first own solo single The Way You Are which made up its way straight to no.2 in late November. Now finally the top spot is no unknown territory anymore.

Germany of course stands in a row with almost the whole world. Bruno Mars hits the nerves and taste of a broad audience. The mixture of bittersweet soul and excellent pop-appeal seems the right formula for launching long lasting hits – modern evergreens. Well – we will see how long this kind of pop will work. At this very moment it fits more than perfect to the search for values and true feelings recognisable everywhere.

Also the highest new entry is kind of retro style. But HURTS’ new single Stay has also huge support by German comedy movie Kokowääh (German transliteration of French: Coq au vin) which started February 3rd in cinemas. On its first weekend the movie made by Till Schweiger had over 1 mio visitors. Very much of them loved the movie including closing track by HURTS. Stay is entering the charts one week before full released as CD single on download sales only at no.3. – It is the second top 3 hit for the British synth duo in Germany and it seems that their sound is popular in German speaking countries especially. In their home country they never managed entering the top 20.

Trailer for Kokowääh

HURTS // STAY from dave ma on Vimeo.

Next new entry comes from German Herbert Grönemeyer. Schiffsverkehr (Shipping Traffic) is his 33rd solo single within the German charts. After last year’s anthem Komm zur Ruhr fur European Cultural Capital RUHR.2010 this new single is a teaser for his upcoming 13th album scheduled for release in early March. Herbert Grönemeyer is one of Germany’s most successful artists having eight no.1 albums under his belt so far. In single terms he is not that present – only nine tracks made it up to top 10 status in his almost 30 year long career. With Schiffsverkehr entering the chart at no.10 he now has for the first time three consecutive top 10 singles released.

Unfortunately again the video is blocked by German music label and rights society. A quite usual habit right now in Germany. If you are interested in listening to the new Grönemeyer-song please visit the artist’s own homepage.

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