02-11: Katy Perry is top, Milk&Sugar will be

Germany is crazy for Katy Perry. Her recent hit Firework rises three places to no.4 and is the „newest“ track within a well known and static top 5. The reason might be a misunderstanding or a special interpretation as the recent list covers sales week including new year’s eve – well, a mass of people were looking for a thematic soundtrack making their party the perfect one. Looking for „Firework“ and maybe „music“ one will get the direct link to Katy Perry of course. But Firework is not at all an anthem about the change of years. It is much more an encourage for trusting in own strength and beauty underlined by a strong chorus. In very uncertain times this might be the right track to look at the future. You will get it!

Of course the mentioned disability of a broader mass of Germans who don’t understand English that well is more or less a funny footnote. Katy Perry never needed such doubtful help to launch huge hits in German speaking countries. I Kissed A Girl or California Girls became big successes speaking about a related topic: Girls don’t have to be shy, pretty or nice – they have power and the opportunity to find their own way or style. This message convinces much more as Katy Perry never tries to match with known stereotypes. A lot of female stars – even the ones who are called „strong women“ – doing so in trying to be sexy, girly-like or nasty. All this could be seen in Katy Perry’s performances as well though to me it looks like she is doing it for her own fun instead of being attractive to some male spectators.

Talking about Firework we should name the team of producers behind it. Norwegian Stargate are striking the charts again and now belonging to the most successfull producers worldwide. Their powerful style at this recent moment is slightly dancepop oriented and significant for this time but not that recognizable as some others do. Instead they seem to adapt successfully recent tendencies in music business without overemphasizing them. The massive production of Stargate truly fits to Katy Perry’s lyrics. Maybe this collaboration continues somewhen.

The second actual hit of Stargate is Rihanna’s Only Girl (In The World) which slowly fades down. No problem for Rihanna. Her successor hit Who’s That Chick on the side of DJ David Guetta just returns into the top 10 making her the big female star of now.

The very first week of January is holiday time. Also the music industry mostly is quiet. Nonetheless within the charts one will find some upcoming hits of 2011. The biggest one – this weeks highest new entry – comes from Adele.
Further down German DJ-team Milk&Sugar is rising with its take on the 90s hit from Belgian Vaya Con Dios Hey (Nah Neh Nah). The track was a small hit in middle Europe in 1990 having much more impact in the airplay charts than in sale. For some unknown reasons the track became popular last autumn in clubs again. A remix by Rico Bernasconi and a dance cover version by Vanity called Gipsy Moves found its way in some DJ playlists. The differences between them are very small – one is more focussing on the main musical theme, the other has a stronger take on the rhythm. All heavily using the We No Speak Americano-formula. Hopefully we won’t see hundreds of similar classic mixes the next weeks.

This is your chance of deciding for yourself which one you like most.

Milk & Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios - Hey (Nah Neh Nah) [Video]
Hochgeladen von RnbXHipHop. - Entdecke weitere Musik Videos.

Commercially Milk&Sugar are gaining the crown as their version is sold as download track in proper amounts. In their third chart week they achieve a place in the top 40 giving them a success they never had since their version of Love Is in The Air climbed to no.33 in 2001. Indeed Hey (Nah Neh Nah) is now their second biggest hit of their whole 10 year long chart carreer . The proper CD release is scheduled for 14th January – so expect them jumping much higher probably deposing UNHEILIG as the best German production.

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