01-2011: a static list

It was a calm chart week between 24th and 30th of December. People are on holidays or trying their Christmas gifts. Some had a new iPod or a similar device to fill – others were looking for the right music making their new years eve a tough party. That’s why the charts are as static as every other year. Of course there is a new no.1 – kind of spectacular and on the other hand it was not as surprising. The Black Eyed Peas led the iTunes list already for weeks.

The most significant move in the upper region had Katy Perry who’s Firework raises up two places to no.7. It is now a really proper top 10 hit giving her a fourth consecutive year with a placing under the top 10. Being short of other stories we can recognise this placing as Miss Perry’s 50th times that she ranks no.10 or higher. She now statisticly accompanies such acts like Timbaland or Beyoncé.

We just passed the time of love and happiness. But not within the charts. It is more the club (The Time, Barbra Streisand or Higher) or an unspecific dream land (Winter, Over The Rainbow, We Are The People)
which rule the charts. What about love? Most popular love song this week comes from Bruno Mars. His Just The Way You Are is an ode to the one loved without any constraints. Very direct, very romantic. Maybe that’s the point why Bruno Mars received such a huge success even in German speaking countries. It’s quite simple to understand the message. So Bruno Mars with his first solo release got his biggest hit to date. All other songs before (as a partner of B.o.B. or with Travie McCoy) failed to reach the upper places. Now his name is well known and if you have a look at the recent download charts … there is his next song Grenade just knocking at the door …

Funny trivia: this week Michael Jackson is exactly 40 years present within the German chart list. On 11th January 1971 – by the way one of the first weekly released charts – he was first listet with The Jackson 5 and their first hit in Germany I’ll Be There. The recent track by the King of Pop is Hold My Hand in duet with Akon which actually is listed at no.10.

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