Week 47

Yes, we do have the same no 1 track like last week - and the week before. This is the eighth time for Israel IZ Kamakawiwo'ole and his take on Over The Rainbow to stay on top of the German commercial selling charts compiled by media control. That means the Hawaiian singer is the one in 2010 who occupied the no.1 position the most. 8 weeks on top in Germany – that's not really a curiousity. But we have to go back to summer 2009 to find the last track that long as the most sold one. It was Emiliana Torrini's Jungle Drum which was the most loved and most played and most buyed track for complete two months.

You can find a lot of articles and postst about why Over The Rainbow is now that successful only in Germany. The main point is for sure the very long holding back of the track by the music industry. It was some kind of an underground favourite for years but legally available in Germany for the first time back in September this year. As the most German medias acting completely dependent from the big music companies they just started playing the song this autumn. Well - the so called wonder is really home made.

Indeed IZ's success is a kind of a miracle as he is the first star who hold the nr.1 spot for that long post mortem. We all know the phenomenon of huge sales after a famous artist dies. Remembering Michael Jackson or John Lennon. In Great Britain where the music market is very fast and sensitive they shot to number 1 immediately. Not so in Germany. It's a huge and slow market where a "hysteria" takes some time to grow. Michael Jackson's Thriller only matched nr.9 after the star's dead. – So IZ holds a sad record: the (probably) most successfull artist (long time) after his death.

New CD-Single of the Week
Let's go back to living artists. Probably we are facing a new superstar by meeting Bruno Mars shooting his first proper solo track Just The Way You Are up to Nr.2. I really don't know why it took the record company so long to release this track as a CD single. In the U.S. it was released back in July this year climbing to Nr.1, the UK offered the track in September equally hitting the top – finally also German speaking countries can purchase the hit. Maybe the record company wanted to be save launching a success by first introducing Bruno Mars as an accompanying artist with B.O.B. and Travie McCoy. Recently he entered the list as a producer of Cee Lo Green's F**k You. With these references Just The Way You Are could not fail at all.

Bruno Mars - for the first time officially credited within the top 10 has some successfull productions under his belt as well. If you check some popular listings (which ain't 100% proven) he had his hands on Flo Rida's Right Round as well as on K'Naan's Wavin' Flag - for the latter he did the production of the album version.

The Way You Are is one of the most covered songs right now. Check out your favourite video platform and you will find several versions. One of the most impressive to me is the one by Mike Tompkins who did it a capella in a mix with Teenage Dream. And again: really don't understand why German music industry is sleeping that deeply … this man belongs to a proper CD release as well …

Mike Tompkins does Just The Way You Are a capella style

What the music industry does is putting faith in casting shows like X Factor. The German version was aired this autumn for the first time. After a weak start the popularity grew a lot and the final at November 9th was watched by 2,91 Mio. Winner of the show became Edita Abdieski from Berne (Switzerland) - her winning song I've Come To Life was released three days after the final's airing. The track is well produced, Edita does have for sure a strong voice well trained in education and musical performance but all in all this track lacks the real life, the fun, the aura. It is a typical mainstream production forced by major labels and big TV companies. It reaches a lot of people but I doubt that we will find the track in the list for a long time. Even in her home country Edita only made nr.8 - poor Edita, a few seconds of fame, probably that's all she will ever had.

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