TV makes the hits

As mentioned before TV show "Wetten dass…?" was broadcasted at 23rd of May live from Mallorca. A few days before media control told that 1,3 billiard people were watching his show over the past 15 years. Meaning a performance at "wetten dass…?" will bring a demand for sure. We watch this effect once a month and so happens right now.

Both number one and number two were presented in the recent airing. Well – K'NAAN and Mehrzad Marashi & Mark Medlock probably would have found their way to the top even without that support. What about the other stars? Amy Macdonald got an massive impact after performing her last single Please Tell Me That It's Over. First time charted at the beginning of March the track peaked at number 6 at this time. Since than it felt slowly but checkless down to number 56. This week the track jumps back into the top 50 landing at number 32 – the highest position since beginning of May.

The younger audience of course has its own shows. On 21st of May music TV VIVA awarded the best artists and acts of 2010 with th Comet. The opening act of the show was a medley of Frauenarzt & Manny Marc also know as Die Atzen. They had three impressive hits over the past 12 months starting almost exactly a year ago with Das geht ab [Wir feiern die ganze Nach] followed at the start of 2010 with the massive selling Disco Pogo and finally released in April Atzin. Die Atzen were nominated three times for the award. They won the competition in the category "Best Party Song" with Das geht ab. Simultaneously the track finds its way back to the top 50 this week. In its 53rd consecutive week it stands proper at number 38. 53 consecutive weeks – that means it is the 6th longest consecutive chart residence ever. – Lady Gaga adds a 66th week to her Poker Face this week ranking at number 3 in the all time chart.

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